Whitesburg KY

Good memories stay in our hearts

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hope all of you are enjoying the nice weather. Sure beats the 80s and 90s!

We went to the Fall Fling at Wise on Saturday and had a wonderful time. Didn’t see anyone I knew, but it was very crowded. We ate dinner while there and bought a few small items, then came home.

My husband, my brother in-law Eddie, and my son Mike put new windows in the living room. It really looks nice. Thanks, guys.

My sister Kathy, Mike’s girlfriend Melinda, and I sat and talked while they did the work.

My brother Archie stopped by on Saturday evening for a visit. Always good to see him!

Late happy birthday to Stacy Sexton Breeding. She is the daughter of Linda and Brack Sexton. It was Oct. 9. Also, a late happy birthday to Bobby ‘Bear’ Davis, who turned 53 on Oct. 4. Hope you both enjoyed your day.

My niece Kim Fields Hoskins of Oneida, will be 35 on Oct. 13. Love ya, girl, and hope you have a very happy birthday.

I had a real nice visit with my new neighbor Letha Ann Fields Dollarhyde the other day. We talked a little about everything. Welcome to the neighborhood. She is the daughter of the late Roy and Vendetta Fields of Cowan. Her mother used to write for The Mountain Eagle.

My father-in-law Roy ‘Shorty’ Fields of Edmonton, would have been 92 on Oct. 1 if he was still living. My husband and I really miss him. He had a good sense of humor. He has been gone for a few years now, but is still missed. There are so many good memories that all of us have of our parents and loved ones and we keep those in our hearts and it makes it easier as time goes on and the bad memories just go away.

My husband had been looking for his niece that we lost contact with several years ago. We found her on Facebook. She is married and has three children. Her sister, who was just a baby at the time, is also married and has a son. They have another sister that is married with a son. So good to find them and hope we can all get together soon. They all live in Indiana not too far from each other. She remembered us and has been looking too. So I guess Facebook.com is good for some things.

Charles Hammonds of North Vernon, Ind., is scheduled to have surgery on his hand on Oct. 18. Hope all goes well. His wife Audrey still has health problems. Remember them in your prayers. Also Bill and Agnes Maggard, Burdeen and Virginia Ann Gilley, Mary Ann Maggard, Barbara Ann Boggs, Eddie and Kathy Wolfe, Irene and Eugene Day, Odessa and Rueben Lewis, Ivol (Wells) Cheatham, and Shelby Bockover.

Our son Chad found out he is a diabetic also, so let’s remember him and his wife Amber. She has a lot of back pain.

Let’s remember all of our families, friends, and neighbors, all the churches and pastors, and our country, and may God bless all of you.

A little humor this week. There were puppies that belonged to my neighbor living under our house. My husband saw two. When they got old enough to crawl out, there were five. They got them. They came back and got the other two. They thought they had all of them then last night there was one crying all night long. I think they missed one. The other dog had two so they have nine — they think! Now ‘ain’t that something?’

All have a good week. Attend the church of your choice. Anyone who wants a free pup, come to Cowan and I am sure the neighbors will fix you up.

Until next time, this is the ‘mouth of the South, least in the East, and best in the West’ signing off .

Have a great week!

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