Whitesburg KY

Good neighbors are appreciated


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing OK.

It’s such a beautiful day (Saturday). It sure doesn’t feel like February! Don’t even need a coat and that’s fine with me.

I thought about all the bad weather in Connecticut . Thirty inches of snow and thousands of people without power. I sure hope they get it back soon.

Dorthy Tacket called me to tell about her good neighbors, Wendell and Alicia Cook, being so nice and bringing her mail to her when the snow came and she was afraid to get out. That is what I call good neighbors. I know them; they are good people.

Late happy birthday to Ruth Ann Brown, Roland’s wife. They are Marlowe people. Also to my nephew Ben Howard, Hillard and Marsha Howard’s son. He was a football coach and now sells cars in Pikeville and is doing real well.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Edith Williams Majority. She was the daughter of the late Effie and A.P. Williams. He was our bookkeeper at Marlowe and he also wrote news for The Mountain Eagle, the same one I write now. The late Bonnie Adams wrote it also. Us Marlowe folks have kept our news going. Also, the late Mary Majority who wrote it for years.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Ralph Nease. There was a large crowd at his funeral. He was well loved by his family and friends and also his church.

It was good seeing Bill Collier there. He still teases me and calls me a cowgirl. I’m not telling why.

I was sorry to hear Jaden Combs broke her arm. She’s wearing a pretty pink cast on it. She is the daughter of Jason and Danita Conn and granddaughter of my pastor Bro. John Conn and wife Alicia and Henrietta and Larry Wright. I’m sure she will get a lot of attention and love every minute of it.

We had a nice little birthday party for our sisters, Kathleen Brock and Betty Tyree and Imogene Adkins. Their birthdays were Feb. 8, 9, and 10. Our Howard birthdays come in bunches. Our cousin Dorothy Miles and Louise Shepherd, Jenetta Howard, Danola Adkins and I have a good time. We didn’t invite a lot of people. We had it at the party room at Dairy Queen. So happy birthday again to sisters Kathleen Brock and Betty Tyree and cousin Imogene (Howard) Adkins.

I got a call today from Gomer Goins of Grand Rapids, Mich. He retired from Cadillac there. He once lived here. I think he said he left here in 1950. He reads The Eagle.

He said he lived in Thornton in 1950 close to Irene Smith. (I think she may still live there.) He asked about Debbie Sloan who cooks at Ermine Center. He asked about Marlowe and Belcraft. I told him they were no longer there except in the memories of so many of us who still live here.

I knew a lot of the people he asked about. He said one of his relatives, a girl named Mary Sergent, married a Pennington. I told him it had to be the late Hugh Pennington.

I hope I answered some of his questions. It’s good to know people still think of their old homeplace. I never left mine, never wanted to!

My brother John Howard, Louise Shepherd and I had lunch at Lee’s Chicken. We had a good visit and good food on Sunday after church. A good way to spend the evening. We’ll be going to church again this evening.

I got a call from my cousin Ida Hatton. She and her husband Roger are in Virginia, not far from Virginia Beach. Their daughter Misty had surgery there and they said it went well. I’ve missed sitting with Ida in church. Ida and I are double first cousins and we both married Hattons who were cousins. We went from being Howards to Hattons.

I’ll stop rattling on. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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