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Good news from Laney Webb’s mother




My oh my, it seems like Christmas of 2019 was just yesterday and here it is almost the end of February. I actually saw some buds on a few spring shrubs here and yonder last week. Course, I came through snow showers on Sandlick Mountain Thursday night. The older I get the more I want to move to a warmer climate, but just for the winter months.

I opened Facebook Monday evening at about 6:30 and saw this wonderful post from Michelle Webb concerning her daughter Laney Webb.

“Today we got the final test result back an everything is good, Laney has no signs of cancer in her body. She is NED (no evidence of disease)! My family and I are giving God all the Glory for we know without Him Laney wouldn’t be here. Praise Jesus!

“ Laney is still having good days she’s in a great mood and being her spunky little self.

“Please continue to pray for the rest of her treatment to go smoothly so we can get her home with all her family and friends who love her so much.”



When you pray please pray for another family here. They got some news today that wasn’t good. They have become good friends of mine; their daughter’s name is Callie.

Some more really good news came from Tammy Kincer-Fugate. Her mom, Betty Kincer, had surgery Monday the 17th to determine if a nodule was benign or malignant. She told us on Facebook the biopsy appears to be benign and they will have the final report in two to three days. She also wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.

Still, even more good news. My brother-in-law, John Graves, had knee replacement surgery last Monday and is already down to using just a cane. He says doing the exercises and physical therapy definitely contributes to his ability to do without a walker. Before long John will be able to compare with the bionic man for spare parts. Good thing he’s not a Begley, because according to Daddy they are really hard to find parts for.

Robert Gross has been having lots of problems with his heart and had a heart cath on Monday the 17th. He got wonderful news, no blockages or clots, and they sent him home. I’m sure his wife Peggy was pleased with that news.

Chris and Celesta Riffe are pictured with their children Cassie McCool-Solis, Colton Riffe, and Cori Riffe.

Chris and Celesta Riffe are pictured with their children Cassie McCool-Solis, Colton Riffe, and Cori Riffe.

One of our senior citizens that had been really sick last month is now feeling so much better and is back to walking her three miles in the mornings at the rec center. When I mentioned this in the paper a few weeks back I also posted her picture. One of her grandsons, Jaxon Quillen, saw it and asked her why wasn’t his picture in the paper with her. So, I got this story from Jaxon’s mom, Krystal Quillen. He is now six years old. Maxine, if you will be sure and show this to Jaxon, maybe he won’t be jealous of you being in the paper anymore.

Jaxon was trying to explain how to add 2+2 and told his parents, Jack and Krystal Quillen, “Pretend I have a Smart Board.” Jack asks him, “What’s a Smart Board?” Jaxon places his hands over his face and says, “It’s a board for teachers.” They start asking him all kinds of questions and he gets so frustrated he sends Jack to detention.

I love listening to kids pretend like this. I can remember things we played at home and phrases we would always say. When we would pretend to lock our imaginary doors we would always say, “Key lock, key lock.”

We tried our best to talk like grown women when we played house. I would love to have a video of us back then.

There have been lots of prayer requests mentioned on Facebook and others that came through on Mom’s phone through Millstone Missionary Baptist prayer line. Last night they called to ask prayers for Steve Cook. This is Earnest and Maggie Sexton Cook’s youngest son. He’s had complications from sinus surgery. James Boggs’s daughter, Derenia Boggs Dunbar, requested prayers for him. He was supposed to have exploratory surgery Monday evening.

One birthday I want to mention is Christopher Riffe. I’m sure he enjoyed his 50th surprise birthday party. Christopher is the son-in-law of Tom and Billie June Craft Richardson. Another one was Rhonda McCall. She is the aunt of one of my favorite Head Start students, Shawn Newman. Happy birthday, you two.

Remember the family of Tommye Banks as her mother passed away this past week. Also remember the family of Tom Callahan. And as always, please pray for our pastor, Bill Jones, and his wife, Sandy, in the loss of their son and his girlfriend.

Always remember as Oma would say, to be in church Sunday morning, Sunday evening and throughout the week if your church has services then.

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