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Good packing makes good giving

You put a lot of thought and care into selecting the right gift for holidays and special occasions. Put the same care and preparation into packing it, to ensure it arrives in good condition. Be sure to follow these packaging tips:

• Solid as a rock. Start with a sturdy carton large enough to hold your gift, plus some cushioning material all around to protect it from impact and keep it from shifting around inside the box. Make sure your package is “solid as a rock.”

• Double the destination. Before sealing your parcel, it’s a good idea to put the delivery address on a sheet of paper inside the package. Then, if something happens to the outside address, Postal Service personnel will have a back-up copy of the address to identify the destination and get your parcel delivered.

• Seal of approval. Give your gift a “seal of approval.” Use pressure-sensitive tape, filament tape or 60-pound paper tape to seal your package securely. Don’t use cellophane or masking tape — they aren’t strong enough.

• Clean and simple. Remove or mark out any conflicting address information or markings previously on the carton. Don’t wrap the box with paper, string or twine — paper can rip, and string can get tangled in mail processing equipment.

• To and from: Put your return address in the upper left corner of the parcel, and make sure it is complete, including your ZIP Code. Place the recipient’s name and address in the center of the largest surface area (unless the shape of the box or contents require a specific orientation for stability). Use a permanent pen or marker and make sure the recipient’s address is complete, including the recipient’s name, complete street number or post office box number; street name, suffix (Ave., St., etc.) and directional (E, W, SW, etc.); apartment or suite number; town or city and state; ZIP Code.

Using these wrapping tips will get your holiday parcel to its destination safely and in good shape.

For more information about packages and the mail, go to www.usps.com and click on Shipping Tools.

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