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Good time to be with family, friends

Heard any jingle bells or caught a glimpse of that jolly old man in the red suit? Ain’t seen or heard a thing around here and I know I’ve been good all year or most of the time anyway. Don’t have my tree up yet, fact is have not done any shopping. Gotta get busy, but truth to tell, really don’t feel in much of a festive mood. Red has been and still is a pretty sick baby (mine). We spent most of Monday at the emergency room. He got a good checkup and now is on a clear liquid diet and more medication. Can start having solid food but has to make care he can tolerate whatever. I’m sure he’s tired of broth, juices and Jell-O.

We receive several beautiful Christmas cards every day. Our thanks to all who sent one. I try to mail some every day but sometimes there are too many other things that need doing or should be done. I kinda work in slow motion.

Well today is Thursday, sunny but cold. We have only one tiny bit of snow, have frosts that show up more and stay longer. Had to go pick up a few much needed groceries today and it absolutely wore me to a frazzle, must be a’gittin old or something. Red is having another bad day. Wish I could bear it for him, would be a privilege for me if I could do so.

I do hope everyone is well and getting in the holiday spirit, a great time to be with family and friends. We’ll be spending a quiet time here at home but I’m sure family will be dropping by off and on. I have no plans to cook a big meal but just might bake a stack cake. Will be according to how I feel.

I didn’t hear from Jeanie yesterday or today so I plan to give Christy a call and find out what’s going on. Fact is, I think I will do that right now, before I wait too late. Got to talk with Jeanie, no complaints, but that’s Jeanie. I’m the one who complains. She is still having dialysis and very limited exercises. Guess that’s all she can do right now and that has to be hard to manage with left arm and right leg in casts. She had company, Phil, Christy and one of our great-nieces, Karen. Northeast Ohio

Don’t know if Richard and Georgia will be stopping by tonight as she had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

Want to say Merry Christmas and a great New Year to the following: Oma Hatton, Rose Ballard, Creda Isaac, Bonnie Ingram and all who write for The Mountain Eagle. And Lizzie Wright. Gonna miss you. I’m sure you remember my Aunt Sarah Jane Kincer and my mom Polly Ann Sergent. Also want to say hello and best wishes for happy holidays to all the beautiful and friendly people I got to meet at the Old Regular Baptist Church in Louisville.

My cousin Harold Taylor (wife Millie) called from Maryland. I just love talking with family and he is so interesting. His dad Luther Taylor and my mom Polly Ann were brother and sister. Harold and Millie are getting ready to leave for Florida the 15th and will stay till some time in March. Hope the two of you have a safe trip and a fun time. Merry Christmas!

Don’t know what time Catharine will be showing up on our doorstep so I am now gonna say so long till next week. In the meantime be good, be well and be happy. Love and prayers to all.

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