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Good times at Campbell’s Branch dance

Howdy folks. I hope everything is going great in your little portion of the world. I decided last week to head back to the mountains to enjoy the square dance at Campbell’s Branch Community Center.

I left my house at 1 p.m., and with the rain and a detour it was 6 p.m. when I arrived at Calvary Campus. It was a very tense trip as it would rain so hard you couldn’t see, plus a little fog began to form.

When I finally reached Mountain Parkway, the police had the road shut down. I could see a backhoe or dozer clearing the road. Of course I had no idea where I was. I got off at the Mt. Sterling exit to ask for directions on how to get to Jackson or Hazard. I asked four people, but no one could tell me. Finally I asked the cashier at a store and she directed me back to the Mountain Parkway. After I explained it was closed she replied that she had traveled there last week and it was open.

I replied that it was closed 15 minutes ago. I finally walked out of the service station, went back towards Winchester, then decided to try the Parkway again and it was re-opened.

On Friday morning I started my day by going to the Golden Apple at Ermine to get green beans and I was lucky enough to get some snap peas for my son, Keith Ballard. I bought extra so I could share with Johnny and Ann Calihan.

I stopped by The Mountain Eagle to see if Pam was behaving herself. I couldn’t believe she was hard at work. I also stopped at Bow Barn & Antiques to see Libby Smith.

I thought about driving across the Pine Mountain to visit Bertha Turner, but as the weather was bad with heavy rains I decided not to go. Bertha is at Tri-City Rehab in Cumberland.

Finally it was time to go to Campbell’s Branch, and it rained again. Wid Fields was unable to get out in the weather to call the square dance. Everyone had a wonderful time.

I met a real nice woman named Mary Brolin. Her nephew Virgil Brolin was the featured fiddle player. Virgil teaches music at Hazard College under Dean Osborne and Scott Napier. Mary takes lessons, and she can play the fiddle. Mary and I danced several times together, and we even attempted the broom dance. Mary sang a song with the band.

During our conversation I learned that Mary has been married 64 years. She still has the dress she got married in. Mary’s 13-year-old granddaughter is going to wear the dress to church.

I am really glad that I had such a great time, as I didn’t know my life would change drastically.

Saturday I decided to head back to Ohio. After talking to my niece Sue Hall for quite a while, I packed the car and decided to drive to Roxana, up Tolson Creek to see if there were roses growing at the old home place of Ann Calihan’s grandmother, Mary Caudill. I found a small patch. I intend to have Mart Hall go with me to dig a sprout up for Ann.

I finally headed for Ohio, and that is when a change was about to take place for me. I was within five miles of Jackson, and there’s an intersection where a car pulled directly out in front of me. I did everything in my power to try to keep from hitting it but I t-boned it. I will never forget the sound of metal.

I was taken to Jackson hospital. The other driver was taken first, as she is pregnant. The airbag on my car deployed and I have a hole in my lower lip, a bruise on the outside of my lip, and bruises from my ribs to my pelvis area. I also have a long laceration on my left wrist, which is fractured, with a brace on it. My right ankle is also fractured and I have a brace on my leg. I am so sore I can hardly move, but with God’s mercy I am alive.

My car was picked up by Jeff Noble’s Towing, and I am waiting to see if it is totaled. I called Sue, and within an hour she came to the hospital at Jackson and drove me home after I was released.

Well, I am trying to type with my right hand with a little help with my left. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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