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Good to see the beautiful sunshine in the mornings

Since I didn’t have a column last week. I thought I should at least say howdy to everyone. To tell the honest truth, my heart just wasn’t in it because of all the dark clouds hanging overhead since the death of our beloved Steven.

But I am taught that there will be sunshine in the morning, and I believe that. At least that gives me something to look forward to.

I have lost two brothersin law since we lost our beloved son. But as I said, there will be sunshine in the morning because my Lord will see to it because I serve the one and only living God. As I have said many times, the Lord will destroy the wicked and reward those who serve Him.

Boy, it sure looks good to see that beautiful sunrise in the mornings, even if it doesn’t have very much power. I sure am enjoying the birds that come to dine at my feeder.

One day I had a redheaded sapsucker drop by for a little snack. Some of my visitors I can identify, and some I can’t. They are pretty whether I can identify them or not because I know my God made them for us to enjoy.

I should have seen more squirrels than I have. A lot of my little furry friends might not have made it through the winter from lack of food because there sure wasn’t much in a lot of places around here, where I live especially.

I used to hunt them, but when I stopped eating them many years ago I quit hunting them and realized they are a lot of fun to watch.

I am getting so feeble I don’t venture very far from safety, if there is such a place. I have always been so clumsy I couldn’t do a lot of the things normal people do such as playing basketball or playing a musical instruments. My hands were made to fit around tool handles and the like.

Well, I have worked up a sweat so I had better take a break and get this in the mail.

Until next time from the funny farm.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium

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