Whitesburg KY

Got to see freinds at the flea market


Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well.

My son Bill Hatton and I went to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast on Saturday. The first ones I met when I walked in were Sheryl and Gordon McClain. We usually meet at Walmart in the pet section. I always enjoy seeing them.

We also saw my Blackey friend Martha Jane Burns and her sister Oma Jo and her two daughters. Oma Jo and I were both named after Oma Bates. I think she was an aunt of hers and my mom and dad rented a house from her and her husband W.R. ‘Wash’ Bates, who were the parents of Helen (Bates) Bentley of Whitesburg. The Bateses were good neighbors.

I read in the Blackey news last week one of their sons, Tom Bates, died. I remember him and my sympathy goes out to all his family. He was also a brother of the late Bill Bates, who was well known.

I also read Clyde Shepherd’s name. I hope he is doing okay. He is the son of the late Verlin and Pauline Shepherd, a nephew of Martha Burns.

You can tell I keep up with you Blackey people. I think the writer of the Blackey news is also a relative of Martha Burns. I think most of the people there were her relatives.

I know this sounds more like the Blackey news than Whitesburg news, but I was born there and lived there till I was 11 years old and I know so many of the people still.

It was so sad to hear of the young man drowning in Carr Creek Lake. My sympathy to all his family. I’m sure he didn’t expect the day to end like that. He was probably having fun with his friends. We never know what lies ahead.

My sister Kathleen Brock got a call from our friend Anna Watkins in Florida and also got a call from Mildred Thomas in Lexington. She plans to come back to Whitesburg for a visit. I hope I get to see her then. It has been so long since I saw her. I wonder if she remembers saving my brother, the late Eddie Howard’s, life when he was a small boy. He and I were walking across the train bridge near the ballpark and he stumbled and fell and was hanging on to the side of the bridge by his hands over a long drop to the ground with large rocks and I was too small to help him up. She happened by. She was walking to Whitesburg and helped me. I think she was a freshman in high school. I never forgot it and have told everybody what a hero she was. I think she still gets The Eagle.

This has been a good week — hot, but good — had lots of rain.

My son Bill Hatton and I went to Virginia on Saturday to some flea markets. We got to see a lot of folks there, Lester and Alma Tindle and her sister Bonnie and Zandra Perry. She said she and I only met at funerals. We also saw Pat Wright, I hadn’t seen her in a while, and Harold Stidham. You never know who you will meet there. That’s why I like to go. Don’t buy much, just go to see who all I can see. I really don’t get out much. Lots of days go by that I don’t go off my hill. I’m a stay at home and talk to my family and friends on the phone.

Have you noticed the goldenrods are blooming? Those are fall flowers. I don’t know why they are blooming so early. I’m not ready for fall. That means winter is coming. Seems like all the seasons have come early.

Lots of people are busy canning. My daughter-inlaw Linda Hatton is working so hard. She seems to enjoy it. People should be thankful to have it. It will sure taste good when snow is on the ground and you can’t get out enough.

Rattling on.

May God bless all of you. Have a good week and try to be in church somewhere this week.

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