Whitesburg KY

Gracelyn Stallard turns three


My sympathy to the family of Ray Brown of Red Star. He died April 5. I graduated with his son Stan. Ray was 90. Sympathy also to the family of Venon Whitaker of Linefork, who died on April 9.

Aaron Niece of Isom had to spend a few days in ICU at Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. He had a lung collapse and was really having a hard time. He is home now and doing some better.

His little sister Gracelyn turned three on March 30. She is the daughter of Charles and Sandy Stallard of Red Star.

Happy birthday to Jodie Johnson of Carbon Glow. It was on April 1. Also, Shannon Smith of Elk Creek had a birthday was on April 1, Jerry Collins of Blackey on April 8, and Nadean Hayes of Elk Creek on April 7. Her mother, Dena Couch of Linefork, had a birthday on April 17, Nikki Wynn of Jeremiah turned 20 on March 30 and finally, happy birthday to Jim Arnold of Elk Creek. It was on April 10.

Sherry Fugate of Blackey had to go back to Lexington on Thursday evening. She recently had stents put in but said she was not doing well at all with them. I wish her the best.

My heart goes out to the families of the 29 miners killed last week in West Virginia. My husband and son both work in the mines and it’s hard when they leave every morning for work, you just never know.

A friend of ours Michelle Slone of Letcher was in a ATV accident Saturday on Carbon Glow.

She had to have some staples in her head and was very sore the next day. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt worse.

Happy birthday to Tim Madden of Crases Branch. It is April 17th.

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