Whitesburg KY

Gracie Hatton turns four years old


Hello again, everyone. Hope you are all well and had happy holidays. I know many of you lost loved ones through it.

My great-grandchildren have been having birthdays. Larry Day, son of Wendy and Kevin Day, had one Dec. 13 and their other son, Rocky, had one on New Year’s Day. Little Gracie Hatton finally turned four years old. She had been waiting a long time for that. She was tired of being just three years old. She had a nice party at Dairy Queen.

Clyde was glad Bro. Bill Craft and Jimmy Craft came to visit him. I was glad to see them also.

Bro. Billy Conn and Eugene Noe also visited him. We are pleased when people visit him. Some there never have a visitor. We all try to talk to the ones who come out of their rooms.

We were sorry to hear Gary Smith’s home burned down on Friday morning. He lost everything. That is so sad.

I had a nice little visit with my cousin, Dorothy Miles, and her husband, Glen. I enjoyed it very much. She always gives me a pretty picture she’s painted every year. I have nine now. I’ve been hanging them where everyone can see them and I get a got of compliments on them.

I just got word today that a double first cousin, Garland Howard, died after a battle with cancer. He was living in Florida. He was the son of the late Polly and Less Howard, who lived in Whitco.

I visited my sister, Kathleen Brock. She is getting a little bet- ter every day. It’s going to take time. It was a big surgery.

I enjoyed lunch at Pine Mountain Grill on Sunday with good friends Bro. Delmar Butler and wife Linda. I think all Whitesburg was there – all the 49’ers from the Ermine Center, Lennon and Yvonne Hammock, Rhuford and Collene Hart, Judy Vermillion and the whole gang and a whole bunch of the Eddie Howard family. It was good seeing Lester Tindle and Alma and her sister there, and too many more to mention. I think I knew them all. It was good seeing everyone.

How about this change in the weather? I think next Tuesday it’s supposed to be 70. Sounds good to me.

Rose Ballard Durham, you mentioned the cave near Cumberland. I’ve seen it many times. They said it was a tavern. My aunt and uncle, Roosevelt and Bertha Ison, had a motel and a garage and some houses on the other side of the road. I don’t know if it is still there. I don’t visit there since my Aunt Bertha passed away. Her son, Gale Ison, lived there also. He passed away a few months ago. I think it caught everyone’s eyes when they passed. I think my aunt called it a Jenny Barn.

You all have yourselves a good week. Try to go to church somewhere this week and may God bless all of you now and all the coming year with good health and happiness.

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