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Grade school friends enjoy talk

Big Cowan

Hello friends, neighbors and family. Hoping everyone is having a great week.

Finally getting back to beautiful weather, hopefully all the snow is gone until next winter.

I went to Letcher Manor to see Archie last week. They were closed to visitors because of a virus. Hopefully he never got it. He does not need any more setbacks. Pray for all those who have it or had it. They say it is really rough.

Carol Lewis had a birthday on Sunday, March 10. Late happy birthday, Carol.

I finally caught up with my friend, Sandra Jones Grubb, formerly of Whitco. We were in grade school together at Whitesburg Grade School from sixth to eighth grades. I talked to her on the phone. Don’t know which one of us was more excited.

She and her sister Brenda Howard need our prayers. So glad to finally find her. Thanks, Bobby Bates, for getting me a contact number. I also talked to Brenda. She was in good spirits.

My granddaughter Michaela had a good birthday on March 9.

Kaley Maggard, daughter of Paula and Bill Maggard of Brown County, Ind., will be 14 on March 14. Happy birthday to a beautiful young lady.

Little Addie Sue will be four on March 17. She is really growing up. We all miss her here in Kentucky. She probably does not remember us anymore. We love you, Addie Sue, and have a fun-filled, happy birthday.

Also celebrating birthdays this month are: Margie Raleigh, March 18; Linda Dollarhide Sexton, March 20; Shania Dobson, March 22, will be 14; Jimbo Ison, March 23; DeAundre Jefferson, March 25, 3 years old; Charles Demery Sr., March 26; Marah Boggs and Jessie Boggs Cline, March 28, birthday cousins; Herb Fields, March 27; Brach Sexton, March 30; Joe Maggard, March 29 I think.

Happy birthday to all the above. Enjoy.

A late happy birthday to Elmo Day on March 4. He turned 89 years young.

Pray for my husband James. He’s still having shortness of breath. The new medicine the heart doctor gave him does not seem to be helping him, it makes him dizzy and lightheaded.

Mike is still doing well. Eddie Wolfe – still sore and having muscle spasms.

Also on the prayer list: Carla and Destiny Maggard; Irene and Eugene Day; Margaret Fields; Agnes and Anna Maggard; Audrey and Charles Hammonds; Jeff Fields – his dad Isom Fields called the other day and said Jeff fell down some stairs or steps, not sure which, and hurt his back. Get well soon.

Ashley Fields has had the flu. Still not feeling well. Trying to work and being sick is not much fun. Get well soon. Love you.

Glad the hikers were rescued from the mountains last week. Bet they were really scared when it started getting dark. I remember before they finished the Little Shepherd Trail, we were going through there and it rained so hard it washed the road out. We were stranded. Got out, started walking. We were rescued by a couple of doctors who were out hunting. We were late getting back to Cowan. My sister and I were really scared, so I kind of know how they felt.

Thank the Lord they were found safe with minor injuries. Every group of hikers should have a guide with them who really knows the mountains. Just saying.

Enjoyed Rose Ballard’s column, especially when she was talking about Dr. Dow Collins and nurse Grace Wells. I loved him. Whenever he gave me a shot he kissed me on the cheek. When she gave shots it was torture.

I am like you, I don’t remember them changing needles unless they broke off in someone’s arm (ouch). You also mentioned Dr. Collier. He delivered me back in 1951. Where has time gone?

Well folks, I could go on and on all day long. I should get off here and send this in.

All have a great week, attend the church of your choice. Pray for someone this week — don’t be so quick to judge someone because we do not know them unless we are with them 24/7. Just remember every finger we point at someone we have four pointing back at us.

If you are a Christian, let your light shine. People will know if you are living right — they will see it in you.

Until next time, may God bless.

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