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Grand jury says man accused in sign thefts stole gun and tools

A man already charged before the election with stealing campaign signs is now charged with a felony theft of a gun and tools.

A Letcher County Grand Jury indicted Christopher Scott Sexton, 38, of J. Spicer Drive, Haymond, on charges of theft of a firearm and theft over $500 and less than $5,000.

The owner of the gun, Bobby Johnson, told the grand jury that Sexton “took or exercised control over” a .22 caliber North American Arms derringer, and a large amount of tools and telephones on or around August 30.

Among the items Sexton is accused of stealing are a Stihl weed trimmer, a Dewalt cordless tool set, a Makita circular saw, wireless headphones, two sets of Bushnell binoculars, two double-bit axes, two wood mauls, a Stihl breaking bar, two tool boxes with various hand tools, an iPhone 5s, three iPhone 5Cs, an iPhone 6s, a Samsung Galaxy 4, and a Samsung Galaxy 2 cell phone.

Sexton was arrested in early October after deputies said they found eight campaign signs belonging to sheriff candidate Barry Engle in the trunk of a car Sexton was driving. Sgt. Alicia Congleton said at the time that Sexton told her someone paid him to steal the signs, but officers said there was no proof the man he named, whose parents are neighbors of Engle, actually had anything to do with the thefts.

Sexton is one of 16 persons named in the latest round of indictments returned by the grand jury.

Billy J. Sturgill, 26, of 373 Combs Branch, Ermine, is charged in each of the three indictments with second degree trafficking in a controlled substance (first offense). The grand jury says Sturgill trafficked in less than 20 dosage units of buprenorphine, a Schedule III narcotic, on October 25, 26, and 31.

Oman Wes Sandlin of the Kentucky State Police DESI Unit testified in the case.

Fourteen people are named in indictments charging them with flagrant nonsupport of their minor children. They are:

• Brandon Adams, 36, 220 Hobarts Bottom Rd., Jeremiah, who is charged with flagrant nonsupport in two separate indictments. Adams is also accused of being a persistent felony offender in both indictments.

• Cheyenne Harris, 31, 2041 Garden Springs Dr., Lexington, and 8269 Tolles Dr., North Fort Meyers, Fla., who is also charged with being a persistent felony offender.

• Jeffrey Hampton, 42, 156 College St., Hazard, who is also charged with being a persistent felony offender.

• Johnny J. Halcomb, 28, 1405 East Main St., Cumberland, who is charged with flagrant nonsupport in two separate indictments.

• Christine Louise Mullins, 49, 14845 Hwy. 119 S, Lot 1, Partridge.

• Florence Branham, 33, 125 Broadway, Apt. 4, Hazard.

• Mitchell Darringer Adams, 34, 2750 Hwy. 931 S, Whitesburg.

• Rachel Tackett, 27, 76 Tom Biggs Rd., McRoberts.

• Polly Marie Stewart, 50, 207 Vanover Br. S, Jenkins.

• Elizabeth Ross, 23, 130 No. 6 Hollow, Jenkins.

• Samantha Reed, 34, 389 Lakeshore Dr., Burnside.

• Monica Neal, 27, 1195 Flinchum Ridge, Irvine.

• Joseph Moore, 33, 8073 Hwy. 931 N, Whitesburg.

• Crystal Maggard, 41, 1017 Loves Branch, Whitesburg.

Monica Adams of the Division of Child Support testified in the cases.

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