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Granddaughter happy with bridal shower Linefork

Hello to all the readers of The Mountain Eagle. It has been a good week for all of us. Pretty, sunny days and cool nights.

The flowers are beginning to bloom most everywhere here in the mountains.

I have to tell about my granddaughter and her bridal shower. It turned out really nice. They worked hard to get it all decorated at the Blair Chapel dining area.

She looked like an angel with her pretty dress and a sash around her shoulder and body, “The Bride to Be.”

She was happy with all her gifts and treasures for her new home to be. She and her husband to be will be living in Georgia.

They will close on their home later this week, and then she is going to South Africa with her teacher friends where she will be teaching for three weeks and sightseeing for one week in June.

Then, when she returns home, the wedding will be the 11th of July up at the gazebo on the Little Shepherd Trail, and the reception at the first shelter.

She is very excited about all the things coming up. She will also graduate with a master’s in December. We are all so proud of her. Then she will be teaching school in Georgia. It isn’t right in Atlanta, but close.

My son and wife came up for the shower from near Nashville, Tenn. He is Roger Dale, and wife Susan.

Then Sunday was Mother’s Day. We all went out riding in my son David’s little Commeride vehicle. He took us to the Ingram Cemetery to decorate and then to the Cornett Cemetery to my mother’s and dad’s and my brother, Jack Dempsey, and wife Mary’s graves.

We also went to my grandparents’, uncles’, and my long, long ago best friend Edith Cornett, who died at the age of 14 years. She and I were best friends and the same age.

After that, we went riding up Ingram’s Creek and then across to Boggs Hollow and out on Kingscreek and back home.

We just got home and my sister-in-law Lonnie Mae Combs came by for awhile and got to see Roger, David and Sue. She hadn’t seen them for a long time. She had been to church and then to the Shriners’ for lunch. She said it was very good.

I hated to see Roger go home, but they left and will be back for Rachel’s wedding.

The Chestnut Festival will be this weekend at the community center. We hope for a good crowd.

There will be several bands to play music, and there will be food and all kinds of things going on. We just hope that it will be good weather.

My flea market wasn’t too big of a success, but maybe later on I can try again.

One of my sisters-in-law is very sick at this time. Just remember her in prayer. Her name is Jewell Ann Morgan. She is one of the sweetest people I know. I love her dearly.

Also pray for our country. So much is going wrong in all the world these days. I hope the wars will soon be over and everyone can have peace a few more years.

So much destruction and troubles in our beautiful America. I can’t understand why people want to do so much destruction in these cities and everywhere.

I know one thing, God made all the people and He gave them different colors, but they all have red blood running in their veins and their soul is what God gave us all.

We are to love each other and make it a good place to be. There’s more to do in this world than hate. Hate is a bad word.

Love is a good word and God is pure love. I think in my heart that love is the greatest word in any language.

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