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Granddaughter has beautiful wedding

Hello everyone, how are things in your little corner of the world? My heart goes out to the many people who are in the paths of this horrible hurricane named Florence. Water can be so beautiful, yet it can be so cruel. Sort of reminds me of people sometimes.

For the first time in several years the grass in the yard hasn’t turned brown in August. It is still the same lush green as in the spring. Which means my son Keith Ballard will be mowing grass until probably November.

Well, the biggest event has come and gone. My granddaughter’s wedding was beautiful, as I knew it would be. Jodi would have looked beautiful in a feed sack dress, or a tablecloth wrapped around her.

Jodi tried to include me in lots of things in the preparation of the wedding, from picking out the bridesmaids’ dresses to picking her wedding gowns. Yes, she had two gowns, one to be married in and one for the reception.

I was invited to the bachelorette party in Nashville, Tenn. This was a four-day affair, and then I was supposed to go on to Destin, Fla., with my oldest granddaughter Jennifer for a week. I was sick and couldn’t make the trip. From what I hear of bachelorette parties, this old fogey is glad I wasn’t able to go. However I so appreciate Jodi including me in her plans.

I must say, and I don’t mean to brag, but this is the most elaborate wedding that I’ve ever attended. The wedding day started rather early, as Jodi had hair stylists and makeup artists at her house and her parents’. It is a good thing that Jodi lives next door to her parents .

We were in for a surprise as Jodi had long-sleeved flannel shirts with our initials on the back for all to wear as we had our hair and makeup done.

Jodi had little bags made with our names on small glasses and cup holders. She gave me a beautiful hair clasp to wear, and then she liked the one that I had brought of my own.

Southern Ohio

Jodi choice the hair style for everyone. She was thoughtful enough of me to tell her makeup artist I didn’t wear makeup so handle me with care.

Now the only thing I regret is I had been very sick, and there’s nothing she could do to put the sparkle back in my eyes.

The dress I had picked out to wear was of too heavy material, though it was beautiful, so I chose a cream color. Jodi had purchased three dresses for me to choose from. Getting me a pair of shoes was a disaster. I had a pair of brown shoes that I had worn a couple of times and they were still like new and the color went perfectly with the dress.

Jodi and Carl were married in her parents Clarence and Kay Gray’s back yard. She had said she wanted to be married there since she was a very young girl, except I thought she was going to be married on the gazebo. There was a see-through contraption placed long ways across the in-ground pool. The weather could have been a tad bit cooler.

My two great-grandchildren Christian, who is three, carried a sign that said something about the rings and Harlow, almost five, was the flower girl as she threw the petals, so wonderful participating in the wedding.

Shuttle buses transported guests from a church parking lot to the house for the wedding. A huge amount attended the wedding and even more the reception. I think about 200 had attended.

The reception was held at Longworth Hall in Cincinnati. I can’t share anything about the food, because I didn’t go to that end of the room. Music was furnished by a DJ and everyone had a great time. Again, I didn’t even get close to the dance floor.

Jodi had a small wedding cake surrounded by oodles of cupcakes, plus small desserts, and, no, I didn’t try these either.

I am so proud of this granddaughter of mine, I would have gone if I had to be pushed in a wheelchair.

Jodi was named teacher of the month at Orien Academy, where she is in her third year of teaching second grade.

Now I am not the only one that had a very exciting weekend.

Johnny and Ann Calihan, along with their son Gary, Hayward Day and his beautiful daughter Kim from this area, along with Ann’s brother Hubert Caudill, from North Carolina, a sister Lavonne and her husband also from North Carolina, and others whose names I didn’t get, attended the Hogg reunion at Kingscreek Park, close to Roxana.

I called Ann to see how the trip was. Tears streamed down my face during our conversation as Ann described the events of this journey. Ann and Johnny got to see several people they haven’t seen in many years.

Hubert, Lavonne, and Ann took a ride to different places they had lived, reliving memories, sharing things of the past, and seeing the changes of today.

A group ventured to the cemetery to Nora Calihan’s grave, which is the same cemetery across from Hiram and Nora Frazier’s, that my grandpa Elec Hall is, and my Aunt Opal, along with my baby sister Rondall and Anna Lou are all buried.

Ann wasn’t able to climb the small hill so she sat in the car, with memories flooding through of bygone times.

With no motel in Whitesburg any more, they stayed at Hampton Inn, which Ann said is a very beautiful place. The only bad thing was the drive to and from Hazard to Whitesburg.

I am so thankful that everyone got to be together one more time, to enjoy the companionship that is so precious.

Hubert kept insisting that I join them. I laughed and said I am not family, and he replied, yes you are. I have to be honest, had it not been for Jodi’s wedding I might have gone to the mountains. Not for the reunion, but go to Campbell’s Branch Community Center Friday night, and found the DAV in Hazard Saturday night, had I been feeling like it.

Johnny and Ann had a very surprise visit from Lavine “Bud” Whitaker from Texas, along with other Whitakers as they stopped by for a while. I met Bud several years ago, as he and my dad were friends in their younger days.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers and we had a good attendance with great music. Thanks, Lenny Kuntz, for bringing pizza, and everyone else who brought food to share.

We meet every second Sunday each month at the VFW Post 7570, 9160 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Oh. 45030 from 1 to 4:30 p.m.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner. I hope you are doing all right. My thoughts are still with Doyle Ison family and Bessie Shepherd.

I had a nice phone conversation with a classmate of Betty Hamilton Ison, Sarah from Louisville. Thanks so much, Sarah. Betty was also a Marlowe girl as her family lived there when she was young.

Don’t forget Letcher County Picnic on Saturday, Sept. 29, at the Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Ohio 45030 from 12-? Please bring a covered dish and a beverage. For information, call 513-526-8512.

Well it is another busy day, I just thank God for another day. I may not be feeling great, but I can still move.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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