Whitesburg KY

Granddaughter moves to Cowan

Big Cowan

Here we are again. Another week has passed so quickly. It was a very busy week.

We went to Winchester to meet our son, Chad, to bring our oldest granddaughter, Ashley, down here to live with us. It took awhile to get her registered for school. Their computers had a virus for two days. But we finally got it done, and she started school on Monday. I hope she fits in and likes it down here. She usually makes friends easily. We’re glad to have her here, and we miss our other two granddaughters. We probably will see them summer break.

The kindergarten class of Cowan went on a field trip last week to the Plantation in Prestonsburg. Marty Fields, Paige Brown and Alexis Fields all say they had a good time. Marty was telling his Grandpa Archie all about it. Francis and Ginny Day, Missy and Wayne Fields all went along. They probably had as much fun as the kids.

Last Saturday my front porch was full of people. Myself and my husband James, my brother Archie stopped by, and then Tommy Fields stopped by and talked, and then Mike and Melinda came down, my sister and brother in-law, Kathy and Eddie Wolfe came by, and then my Aunt Irene came out and her son Francis, and his granddaughter, Paige stopped by, then my nephew Wayne and his daughters, Dee and Alexis and my granddaughter Ashley were out there.

We sure enjoyed all their company. Then my niece, Pam, called from Greensburg, Ind.

Everyone started leaving when the rain started. Melinda and I stayed out there, but the rain blew in on the porch. My little dog got cold, so we moved inside about 6 p.m.

Velda (Dollarhide) and her husband, Elmer Fraley, were in from Michigan for Gillis Dollarhide’s funeral. We were glad to see her. She was my fourth- or fifthgrade teacher at Cowan.

I was able to talk with Elmer for a few minutes, but I don’t think he remembered me. I was glad to see him. He’s in bad health and needs our prayers.

Linda and Velda are the only siblings left out of the eight children Steve and Rena Dollarhide had.

The electricity went out on Saturday night, and still hadn’t come back on Sunday morning when I am writing this. We had to miss church, and I really hated to miss.

Well, I can’t think of anything else to write. Be good to one another, and attend the church of your choice.

Keep all the sick and lost in your prayers. Until next time.

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