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Mostly sunny

Granddaughter’s band finishes second

Southern Ohio

Hello again!

I may as well start this column off complaining. I hate cold weather and the time change. Now I said it.

Could someone turn back the clock to a warmer time period?

I hope everyone had a safe time trick-or-treating, and got more treats than tricks. The weather was very nasty here.

Saturday morning, I left my house very early and it was so pleasant with the wind blowing slightly, but when I got on 275 things changed in a hurry. Winter started to arrive early and we had a little skiff of snow.

It is only about a 30-minute drive to my daughter Anna Nottingham’s, and by the time I got there I was very surprised to see all the cars on her street was covered with snow. Actually the snow disappeared in a little while, but it was cold all day.

Beechwood Marching Band was in final completion at Bryan Station, which is close to Lexington. They then traveled on to Richmond.

Beechwood Marching band finished in second place in band competition, Williamstown took first, Murray third, and Hazard fourth.

I really don’t understand why when students compete against each other in sports, they aren’t allowed to talk to each other. A couple of girls were having a conversation, and right in the midst of the conversation, the girl from Williamstown abruptly said, “Oh, we aren’t supposed to talk to you!”

There should never be any rules in any school to prevent friendship between anyone, no matter what the competition!

I really enjoyed spending time with my three-year-old grandson Kyle, and 11-yearold Katelyn. Kyle will keep you on your toes as he is all boy and very energetic.

I left my phone charger at home. Anna had one next to her bed, so I decided to see if it was compatible to my phone. Kyle saw me using it, and decided to tell me that was his mom’s charger and was not for my phone!

As if that wasn’t enough, I was putting sheets on the bed, and Anna was in a hurry and just laid the sheets on the bed, well Mr. Boss decided to let me know that his mom didn’t use red sheets on the bed.

I was telling Anna and she started laughing. Kyle was in the car and asked Anna to tell him how electricity worked, and he said, “You know, it makes the car window go up and down.”

This three-year-old is something else.

Katie is far advanced in school for her age, which she has been for years. I know I will not live long enough to see what she becomes as an adult, but I do know that as intelligent as she is, she can become anything that she wants to be.

My other two granddaughters, Sarah and Jessica, are very brilliant. When I watch Sarah competing while marching, I know that she is in severe pain in her foot, as she is in walking with a removable boot. When she gets dressed in her uniform she leaves the boot off, and as quickly as possible she has to put it back on again.

I am so thankful that Scott and Anna are so active in the school activities.

Anna placed an order for 80 pizzas for the band. I am glad I didn’t have to be the one to prepare the order.

During the band competition we were very uncomfortable due to the cold winter weather. Just think of the band members who were scantily dressed.

Anna forgot her boots and then somehow spilled water on her foot. She said the cold was so bad that her shoulder was hurting, so she placed a hand warmer on the spot to help ease the pain.

I love Sarah very much, but I know I could have never been able to stand that much cold. That is why I stayed with Katie and Kyle.

Even Scott was cold, and he is used to the elements, well maybe not since he spends a lot of time in the police cruiser.

Belated happy birthday to Anna, Nov. 3.

Before I left I sneaked some money in her purse for her birthday as I didn’t want to make another trip over.

Les and Pat Wagner are spending a few days in the Smokies to celebrate their anniversary. I tried to convince them they needed to take me along with them.

Larry and Becky Hasty will be glad when Larry is able to travel as they enjoyed going places with Les and Pat. I’ve mentioned before this is a really close family.

It really hits home sometimes that I have no one left. I am so thankful I have several friends that are like family. Betty Ison, Betty Kelly, Norma Ashcraft, Pat Wagner, and Ann Calihan all are as close to me as if we were related.

I very seldom hear from either sister-in-law Wanda nor Mattie, as we get wrapped up in our own lives.

I hope before it gets too much into winter I can head back to the mountains. I would like to bundle up and go for another ride with Ricky Caudill. Oh what the heck, he can shield and protect me from the wind

As usual this is going to be a short column as for some reason I am tired.

Until next time.

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