Whitesburg KY

Granddaughters come to visit

Big Cowan

Hello everyone!

I hope all had a safe and happy Memorial weekend. There are lots of beautiful flowers on the graves and in yards, but it’s so sad to see so many have gone on before us.

My son Chad, his wife Amber and two of the granddaughters, Ashley and Michaela, came in for the weekend. So glad to see them and miss them when they left.

I thought the girls were going to stay a couple of weeks, but they changed their minds. I told them not to feel bad, the most important thing was getting to see them. They sure are growing up.

All of us went to Pine Mountain Grill and ate last Saturday. We had a good time, but it was so hot as the air conditioning was not working properly.

Archie finally got a walkway/ wheelchair ramp built. His daughter Kim and David from Manchester came over and built it, and it sure looks nice.

Late birthdays for May: Jasmine Fields, 20 years old May 21 (daughter of Pam Fields in Arkansas and Willie Ambrose of Mississippi) and Micki Ratliff Huff, May 21 (daughter of the late Dale and Fred Ratliff ). Erica Demery turned 23 on May 23, instead of June 1, as I had previously reported. She lives in California and has three children. Kenny Ray Harvey’s was on May 23, Rose Ballard of Ohio and correspondent for The Mountain Eagle on May 27.

I hope all of you had a great day and many more to come.

Birthdays coming up are: Georgette and Harry Sims of Danville’s granddaughter, Madison will be 10 years old June 2. A big happy birthday to her. She is such a pretty young lady; Stoney Lucas, son of Marie Anna Fields Pendleton, has a birthday June 8. Happy birthday to him. He is a very nice young man and very friendly.

Leroy and Joann Fields have a wedding anniversary June 3. I hope they have a great day.

Prayer list this week: Charles and Pat Large; Jessie Combs; Wendell Fields family; Bill King family; Archie Ray Fields; Mike Fields; Melinda Daniel; Carla, Destiny and Tony Maggard; Mary Ann Maggard; Bill and Agnes Maggard; Audrey and Charles Hammonds; Leonard Boggs family; Chloe Hall, Melinda (Kay-Kay) Daniel’s grandmother; Marie Johnson Boyd; Jessie Henshaw of Greensburg, Ind.; Irene and Eugene Day.

So sorry to hear about the death of Frieda Kay Boggs of Cowan. Remember her husband Leonard and family.

My sister Kathy bought me a beautiful Shirley Temple doll. It came with a small one in her arm, and a chair to sit on. I love it. Thanks, Kathy. She also bought herself one. We both love dolls, and that is the part of us that will never grow up. I am not sure which one of us has the most; we have both been collecting for a few years.

Well folks, I have to be going. Until next time, keep someone in your prayers, keep a smile on your face.

God loves you whether anyone else does or not. Have a great week.

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