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Mostly sunny

Grandkids’ visits are welcome

I hope everyone is doing well this week. Our week has been fantastic. Our granddaughter, Amanda Holbrook, has been with us and Charlie and Wilma for the past two weeks. We feel lost since she has gone home to Richmond.

She and her cousin, Gina Dotson, went to Kingsport to shop one day and they went a few other places. I love spending time with my grandkids and am looking forward to the boys’ visit.

Coolie and Janice Baker gave a going-away party for Katina. She is in France and having a great time. Thank God for Facebook so we can talk to her every day and see her pictures. We sure do miss her, but she will be home before long.

Kids Day at Jenkins was a success. All the kids had a marvelous time and it meant so much to them to be able to get together. Thanks to all the folks who helped.

Brandon Jent has returned from his three weeks in Mautitius. What a wonderful experience for him. I’m hoping he will write an article when he gets rested, and give us some information on this place. I know Regina, Cheyenne and Sydney are happy he is home safely.

Bill and Petie Hatton were in for Memorial Day, visiting with his sister, Carol Baker. Keith had a fish fry and they all ate good. Bill lives in Richmond.

Their sister, Betty Johnson, is getting to come home from rehabilitation after a successful hip surgery. Carol talked to her this weekend and she is so happy to be going home. There is no place like home.

Kaylee says hi to Grandma Betty and Grandpa Lawrence. Keith went fishing this weekend but I saw no fish. I’m looking forward to the next fish fry!

I talked to Bessie Tibbs this past week, and she said they are doing okay. She is a fun lady and I enjoy talking to her and Howard.

Maxine Quillen and I went to the Blackey Senior Citizens Center and shared the plans for Monument Park. We hope everyone in the county realizes that this park is for all Letcher County, not just for the City of Whitesburg, nor one certain family. It’s a place where every family can place their family pieces from an era that is about lost. Maxine is working very hard to raise the money for the statue of the giant, Martin Van Buren Bates. She is challenging all the Bates families to pledge $500. The money can be given as you can, or whatever you can afford. We know it’s going to take awhile, but we have to start somewhere in order for it to be completed. There are other deserving people that can be honored with a bronze statue so, families, get to work. Colson

Ollie Profitt is excited about being a great-grandma again very soon. She is too young to be a greatgrandma, but she is looking forward to many more.

Happy birthday to Melissa Franklin, Brenda Mullins, Chrystal Bentley, Eula Short, Merlene Day, Greg Holbrook, Sharon Holbrook, and Kathy Lynn Adams.

Sharon and Kathy were my dad’s first two grandchildren and were born on the same day. I won’t tell their age because it makes me sound older, and I still think I’m their age.

Greg is my son-in-law and a very good one. You see I may have to live with them one day and I want all the bases covered! Honestly, his parents raised that boy right.

Raymond and Annette Isaacs along with Maxine Bates went to a reunion for the Bates, Hall and Isaacs families and saw a lot of kinfolk there. Jesse Bates, his wife and Larry Honeycutt were also there. I know they enjoyed it.

Kathy Hall and Gina Dotson went to Mt. Sterling this past week for Zack’s graduation. Zack is the son of Steve and Jaime Hall. These children are growing up way too fast.

Greg and Sharon went to Gatlinburg this weekend. Their anniversary was June 7. Happy anniversary! Did you buy me something?

I met Darrell Hall as I was going to the Veterans Museum last week, and enjoyed talking to him for a few minutes. Darrell and his family are wonderful people and I always like talking to them.

There will be a memorial service this Saturday at the Bates Cemetery above the mouth of Beaver Dam on State Route 7, at 11 a.m. You may want to bring a chair for seating is very limited. Glenn Gross will be preaching. There is a good road up to the cemetery. Call Maxine at 633-1104 for further information.

Oh, Maxine went for a ride in a 1950 Ford with a friend and says it was awesome to ride in a show car. That girl is living life to the fullest and we are happy for her.

There was a family, Jesse and Cordelia Peters, who lived on Cowan at one time. Jess was a preacher and was often away from home. They had five children that I can find a record of. The mother, Cordelia, died around June of 1932. They had a son, James Ruffus, who was born August 27, 1930, and died when he was about two years old. Lye fell off a shelf and hit him in the face and he died sometime after that.

Ella Preston remembers Jamie, and she said his sister would bring him to school and all the girls would want to carry him around. Ella said he was such a beautiful little boy. I have found that Cordelia was a Halcomb from Leatherwood. I would like to know more about this family. Sue Banks and Ella Preston are also helping with it. Sue got interested and contacted Ella. Ella says she is doing okay. Thank you so much, Ella and Sue. Oh, this family lived and some are buried on Town Hill Road above Edison’s home.

May God bless the families of Brenda Fields and Demaree Caudill, who died this past week, and all others who have lost loved ones.

Get well wishes to all the sick and hurting. God’s blessings to all.

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