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Grandmother, granddaughters enjoy time together

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone!

Is it because I am getting older that it seems I am worn out? I went to visit my daughter, Anna, and Scott Nottingham, and my grandchildren, Sarah, Jessica, and Katelyn. Anna fixed lasagna for supper, which was delicious. Anna served a glass of wine with the meal. I jokingly told her if I drank the wine, I would have to stay overnight as I couldn’t drive home. Sarah tried to talk me into drinking the wine. She said I could sleep in her bed with her. That made me laugh so hard I almost cried.

When I left to come home, I brought Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn with me. They stayed two nights with me, then Katelyn threw a fit, saying she didn’t want to go home. She told her parents she wanted to stay with me. Scott asked her if she wanted to stay with me while they go on vacation, and she said yes. Anna told her she couldn’t stay that long. Katelyn told her that I would take care of her.

Time sure does a 360-degree, as I loved my grandma, Rosa Hall, so much.

I made biscuits and gravy for the girls with lots of help with the biscuits. I made the mistake of letting the girls play in the excess flour. I have a lace tablecloth on my kitchen table, needless to say I had flour everywhere. Oh well, they had fun.

I took Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn to the Miami- Whitewater Water Park. This is such a neat place. There are all sorts of different water themes for the children. Afterward we stopped at McDonald’s for supper, we had a picnic on the porch, then I took them home. Katelyn threw a fit, wanting to come back home with me.

The next day after doing a little housework, I was worn out. I will say once again I am glad I had my children at a very young age.

I picked blackberries at my friends’, Joe and Molly Farwick’s. When I closed my eyes at night I could see these huge blackberries hanging in pods. I put 13 quarts in the freezer, plus I picked for Molly as she isn’t able to get out anymore, and neither is Joe.

My sister, Loretta Church, is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home. Her address is Loretta Church, Letcher Manor Nursing Home, Room 124, 73 Piedmont Drive, Whitesburg, KY 41858. I know she would appreciate a card.

July 8, there was a family reunion for Ann Calihan’s family. Ann’s sister, Lavonne, came from North Carolina, and their sister, Evadean, and her husband, Lafe, came from West Virginia. Ann’s brother ,Hubert Caudill, and his wife weren’t able to make the trip from North Carolina. He was really missed by everyone. A lot of the family were there, and good food was enjoyed, chicken and dumplings, baked ham, and lots of deserts, and most of all plenty of good close fellowship.

Ann’s sister, Vivian, and Hayward Day along with their daughter, Kim, who looks like her mother, were there. I think Hayward missed the party crasher, since I decided not to show up.

Betty and Doyle Ison are doing alright. They stay busy with their grandchildren. They have one or two grandsons heading for college this school term.

My grandson, C.J. Gray, and Shannon Bowling are getting married August 25. Sometimes I wonder where the years have gone.

C.J. and Shannon will be married at a place called The Alms. They are having an outdoor wedding at a gazebo. The wedding and reception will be held at the same place. Shannon is such a tiny little girl; she doesn’t look old enough nor big enough to be ready for marriage!

Gwen Huff Farmer has been busy with her family so I haven’t been in touch with her very much. Gwen did take the time to send me a couple of pictures of her granddaughters standing beside her tiger lilies. Both the flowers and the girls are beautiful.

Shirley Wells is enjoying her grandchildren.

Hello to two of my favorite readers, Bruce and Levine Jones, and to their families. I understand someone drove pass Bruce Jones’s place and Bruce was very busy working in his yard.

I wish some of little mountain mama Alma Whitaker’s children would call me and let me know how Alma is doing.

Genita Calihan is visiting her family in the Franklin, Miamisburg, Ohio area, I bet they are all having a good time. Genita doesn’t like to travel, so I wonder how this was done. They must have put shackles on her to hold her.

Hello to Emma Engle. It was a pleasure meeting you. I am looking forward to our next visit.

Oma Hatton, Wanda Hall is my sister-in-law. Richie is very lucky to have a wife as sweet as Wanda. She never has a bad word to say about anyone unless you mess with her children, then she can be like an old setting hen – she will flock you. Actually my brother, Richie, has mellowed out as he has gotten older.

Richie and Wanda are enjoying having their three grandchildren visiting them from Hamilton, Ohio. They are Glen and Crystal Caudill’s boys, and are full of life. Belated happy birthday wishes to Richie and Wanda’s son, Derrick Hall.

I am hitching a ride to Whitesburg with Ann and Johnny Calihan, so by the time you read this column I will have been to the mountains and back. I am going to visit my sister, Loretta, in the nursing home. Ann called saying they were going to check on Johnny’s brother ,Junior Calihan. She didn’t know I would say pick me up. Johnny may leave me down there, so if you don’t get a column, just call Johnny and say where is she? I am looking forward to the trip!

I am cutting this short so next time it will be filled with news of my adventure with the Calihans!

Until next time. Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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