Whitesburg KY

Grandmother proud of graduate

How’s everything going for you in your little corner of the world? We have been having quite a bit of rain in the Ohio valley area, making the grass grow.

There’s no way that I will complain about it, as just six short months from now we will be wading through snow and ice.

Sunday was a beautiful day. It was sort of mixed with much happiness, yet some sadness as Beechwood High School held its graduation. There were 104 students that graduated, and my granddaughter Sarah Nottingham was among them. Needless to say tears blurred my vision until I could hardly see, I was so proud of her.

Sarah graduated with honors. She had a 4.0 or above grade average, and is in the National Honor Society.

Did I say I was a proud grandmother?

Southern Ohio

Life sure has taken many of turns for me since I was a young girl leaving those mountains of eastern Kentucky.

Sarah will be going to Northern Kentucky University next school term. At least she is not following in her grandmother’s footsteps with marriage and babies before she knows what life is about.

I owe Betty Kelly sympathy for the loss of her sister Corrine, who had been on life support for several months. I wish I had her stamina, as she never seems to run down.

Richard and Marcia Caudill enjoyed a day going to Cumberland to decorate their mother and grandfathers’ grave, then stopping for a bite to eat together.

Mike and Marcia Caudill enjoyed the Seedtime on the Cumberland festival in Whitesburg over the weekend. Marcia sent me a text saying Seedtime was online, but for some reason my computer wouldn’t let me get any radio stations.

Bob Banks really caused my thoughts to return to childhood recently by posting a song called ‘I Found a Peanut.’ I remember Alice Whitaker planting a few peanuts, and that was the first time I had ever seen one. I pulled up a bunch and took them home and asked Mommy what it was.

Les and Pat Wagner have been quite busy with graduations this time of year. Hello to all of their family in the mountains.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I hope you two are doing alright. I will try to see you before too long.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are still plugging along.

Happy Valley had its bluegrass festival this past weekend, and oh how I longed to go. I decided not to try it, as I wasn’t up to it.

Well this computer just acted up and time is creeping on, so I will say, until next time.

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