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Grandmothers, children enjoy time together

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone! Are you froze up this fine spring morning? We have a hard frost and it is in the 20s here, so there go the fruit trees and flowering plants that are in bloom!

Vickie Power and I had a very busy weekend. I haven’t kept my three grandchildren, the Nottingham girls, in some time, so I called Anna and asked her if the girls had anything to do. Vickie kept her granddaughter, Katie Ledford, 8, overnight, so early Saturday morning we went to pick up Sarah, 10; Jessica, 7; and Katelyn, 5, at Ft. Mitchell, then came back to pick up my great-granddaughter, Samantha Gray, 7. After lunch my daughter, Angie Wiederhold, brought my little sidekick Bennie to me. Vickie and I packed the girls and Bennie in the van and we headed for the park at Rising Sun, Ind. This park overlooks the Ohio River. It is always clean and I love it as much as the kids do.

After the kids played for several hours we took them to eat at Wendy’s and then they still had time to play in our yard. Vickie had trouble getting her Katie to go home. I asked Vickie to just let her stay overnight. After all, what is one more kid when you have a house full?

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers night, which meets the first Sunday of each month 1-4 p.m. in the basement of the fire department at Miamitown. All the grandchildren went with us except little Bennie. The girls are very helpful setting up for the meeting. We really had a good turnout for this event.

One of my faithful readers saw where I had written about wanting a piece of pumpkin roll from Jungle Jim’s and said they thought about bringing me a piece. I replied, please don’t do that. There are lots of things I am tempted to do, but I have enough self control not to. My daughter, Kay Gray, offered to bake me a pumpkin roll. I told her I would beat her if she did.

The building that my son, Keith Ballard, lives in caught fire. The fire was contained to the attic, though one upstairs apartment was damaged. Keith’s apartment is on the ground floor so it wasn’t damaged. Someone saw the fire in time and called the fire department. Someone was kind enough to call Keith at work and told him about the fire. Keith was allowed to leave work to go see what was happening.

There are thieves in Harrison, Ohio. Keith had two men’s bicycles sitting on his porch and a girl’s bike leaning against the porch. Just because the building was damaged didn’t give a vulture a reason to prey on someone. I think this is about as low down as anyone can get, when someone is down and out go steal from them.

Gwen Huff Farmer’s son, Forest Farmer, and his wife, Sherry, spent last weekend with Gwen. It pleased Gwen so much having them. Her son, John Farmer, and his friend, Steve, stayed all night then went to Tennessee to be a fishing tournament.

Gwen says her garden is still too wet to get into. She is chomping at the bit to get in and get stated.

Gene Caudill of Cocoa, Fla., has been busy and already has several things in his garden. He has squash about two inches long, and has tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers, and strawberries. I told him I didn’t want to hear about all the goodies he has growing there while we are still cold.

Keith came to mow the grass. Since the battery was down on the riding mower, I told Keith I would mow with the self-propelled push mower while he trimmed. I did get over half the yard mowed before Angie brought Bennie to the house, so Keith finished it for me.

Bob in Tennessee, no, I am not old enough to be Betty Ison’s mother-in-law. Thanks for enjoying my column in The Mountain Eagle, and for making Betty’s birthday extra special for her.

I told Betty it is a good thing I didn’t know you were on I-74. I might have thrown something at you, just joking!

Bob also knows Betty’s sister, Bessie Shepherd, who is a nurse and a very special person.

I have the utmost regards for nurses as my daughter, Angie, is an RN. My youngest daughter, Anna Nottingham, is a certified medical assistant. She does a lot of things that a nurse does minus the wage. Anna works for a group of pediatricians.

As I have often said, I tried to make sure my children had the opportunity for a good education. I am proud of my granddaughter, Jodi Gray, for choosing to be a teacher. My granddaughter, Jennifer Gray, will be graduating from college this year. She is a medical message therapist. Jennifer wanted to give me a massage since she needed to give one for an exam. I declined the offer. Right now I wish Jennifer was here. The lawn mower has whipped me, and I could use a massage on my neck, back and shoulders.

My 16-year-old grandson, Jamie Gray, is getting ready to take his driver’s test. Where the time has gone?

I hear it is dryland fish hunting time in the mountains. I wish I was down there since they make some mighty good eating.

Hello to my brother, Richie, and my sister-inlaw, Wanda Hall.

Hello to my brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall. Jerry’s foot isn’t healing like it should because he is a diabetic..

Thanks, Arlyn and Clarence Halcomb, for the beautiful Easter card, and, Sadie Ison Hayes, thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. Arlyn, you and Sadie have no idea how much this means to me.

Barefoot Bill and Betty Kelly are still trying to rest up from their trip to the mountains. They ride fourwheelers while down there.

I talked to Mavis Kaiser who is Bill Proffitt’s sister from the Isom area. It seems every time Mavis calls I am busy with Bennie or someone is coming in.

An elderly woman decided to prepare her will and told her preacher she had two final requests. First, she wanted to be cremated, and second, she wanted her ashes scattered over Wal- Mart. The preacher exclaimed. ‘Why Wal-Mart?” To which she answered, “Then I’ll be sure my daughters visit me twice a week.”

That old clock is saying I better get this on its way, so until next time, Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, 513- 367-4682.

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