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Granny Grace was a very special lady

Me and my siblings were born at home, which is a few hoe handles more than a mile above Blackey on the River Road. When the road was moved above the creek, the road took our house, so the place we were born is no longer there. After Mother died, Dad remarried and they had a son.

We walked over a mile to school. There was no such thing as a school bus. Bill Bates, the husband of one of our teachers, had an old pickup with a handmade flatbed and sometimes we would catch a ride with them. But usually we were not in any hurry to get home to do chores so we just walked home.

We had plenty of excess energy anyway and needed to let off some steam so to speak. At the time we could run all the way home and not sound like we had been out chasing rabbits.

Part of the time we went to a one-room school about 2 1/2 to 3 miles above Blackey. Then we went to the Blackey Grade School. I don’t ever remember school being canceled due to the weather and if the teachers made it there were classes, or should I say school was in session. If there was snow to wade to get to school we were one bunch of frozen kids by the time we go to the foot of the hill leading up to the school.

A wonderful old lady lived below the school and we called her Granny Grace. She would herd us into the living room, which some old-timers called the sittin’ room, and sit us in front of the fireplace so we could thaw out. We called her Granny Grace because we all knew her first name, and I was half grown up before I knew that her last name was Nickels. But to us kids it really didn’t matter what her last name was because she was a special lady. She always made sure we weren’t late getting up the hill to school. She thawed us out many, many times. I guess we were a pathetic looking bunch by the time we got to her house.

I was only a little sprout then but I’ll soon be 67 years of age, and it seems as if it were only yesterday. But I also remember some who treated us as if we were trash because they felt as if they were a cut above other people, when in reality they were just showing their ignorance because all mankind was created equal. In heaven there will be no place for those so-called important souls because if those who think themselves above others die feeling that way, they’re not apt to see heaven anyway. “If you don’t become as humble as a little child, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Although there are many religious denominations here on earth, there will be but one in heaven and that one is God’s church composed of all God’s people and all will be as one.

Some people show their ignorance by turning to drugs and alcohol trying to escape the bonds which bind them to the things of the world, only to end up in the sewer of ignorance. They forget about home, family and friends, and especially about all those little angels under their feet looking up to them for protection but in vain, because a fried brain can’t comprehend the magnitude of the actions much less their responsibilities.

Well, I see some fellows coming wearing white clothes so I better get back inside the fence here at the funny farm. Until next time.

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