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Granny lost her featherbed

Hello everyone! Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone, and only memories are left with us. For some, a lot of debt to pay for things that kids really didn’t need. I am not being mean because I have been there and done that.

I know one thing, Christmas may be over but it sure looks like Christmas in the Harrison area, as we got almost a foot of snow. It started snowing Saturday morning about two in the morning, and a fine snow fell all day long.

We just had a couple of inches, then all at once someone must have been standing at their windows saying the old-time saying that Mommy would tell us kids when we were little, if you stand by the window and repeat, “Granny lost her featherbed,” it would snow faster.

When it finally stopped we have as I said before, almost a foot of the white stuff.

Good thing I stopped by the store to get a few extra things just in case it snowed. I bought a couple of cans of Carnation cream since my son Keith Ballard had mentioned snow cream, just in case it snowed. I couldn’t leave well enough alone, as I had a small bowl also. This almost landed me in the hospital as it made me have a gall bladder attack.

Those of you that have ever experienced anything to do with your gall bladder know the pain and discomfort. There are times that I get so discouraged I am about ready to give up, as our lives depend on such a simple thing as food.

I’ve gone through this for three years, trying to live a normal life. There are times I am so weak that I can’t hardly make it through the day, and there are days I bite my lips and try to pretend life is normal.

I try to think of others that are in worse condition than me; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Enough of my pity party.

I wanted so bad to go get my little young sidekick Bennie Wiederhold to play in the snow with him, as I know my daughter Angie Wiederhold doesn’t feel like going outside. Bennie is 11 years old and it is hard to believe that Angie has never fixed snow cream for him.

Saturday morning, Johnny and Ann Calihan along with their daughter Sue Wagner awoke to a surprise as their furnace quit working sometime in the night.

Johnny called a furnace repairman, who couldn’t do anything to fix it, so the furnace man called someone else, who couldn’t do anything either.

Johnny and Ann stayed a couple of nights with their daughter until it could be repaired.

This family has really had a bad year, with the exception of having beautiful twin great-grandbabies that are doing great. The preemies are finally gaining weight and growing, although Ashley has to be careful of taking them out in crowds.

My daughter Anna Nottingham hasn’t been feeling well, as her sugar has been really high, plus she has been through a rough patch of other illness, and now the kids are sick. Guess I’m not in too bad condition after all.

Friday night, Vicki Power and I were supposed to go to Coon Hunters Club, but I was too tired to attempt it.

Tony Hale will be performing with Evan Lanier & Bluegrass Express. I hope I am feeling well enough to go see them.

I almost had to glue my shoes to the floor to keep from getting in my car and heading for Campbell’s Branch Community Center, as Sunrise Ridge was the featured band Friday night. Thanks to whoever posted pictures of the bands.

The weather forecast scared me and I am glad I used my head instead of listening to my heart and feet. I could not have made it back home.

I almost called Marcia Caudill to see if she and Mike would meet me at Campbell’s Branch, then I kept thinking about the weather forecast. Marcia said all that area got was rain. That is bad enough to drive in, however snow and ice scares me. Actually to be honest, sometimes it’s other drivers that scare me.

Spring will be here in a couple of months, and if I am able to crawl I may be at the first square dance at Carcassonne Community Center.

Les and Pat Wagner are staying close to home, but it won’t be long until they will be heading for the mountains.

My nephew Mart Hall, Sue’s husband, spent 11 hours stranded on the highway in Missouri. Mart is an over-the-road truck driver. Mart couldn’t get off the road as there was an accident and so many vehicles that Mart had no choice but to stay in one place.

He couldn’t even go to sleep because he never knew when the traffic would move. Have you ever thought how important a truck driver is?

This may be the shortest column that I have written, sorry I am not feeling well.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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