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Granny’s chicken lot

All In Fun

On Grandpa and Grandma’s small farm, we raised a large garden as part of our food to share throughout the family. We had a garden that furnished our vegetables, and an orchard for fruit.

We had a cow for our milk and butter, and of course we had our country chicken lot. We got all of our eggs from the chickens and turkeys, as well as killing one of them once in awhile for Sunday dinner.

One Saturday evening, Grandpa came home from the Isom stock sale with three large, dry-land ducks. He had decided to add duck eggs and duck to our meals. He had traded for two females and one male so that he could raise some young ducks. He put the ducks into the chicken lot, and they settled into their new home and started laying eggs.

Grandma had several beautiful little bantam hens that she thought made better mother hens, and took better care of their young. So when she decided to hatch some young ducks, she took the duck eggs out of the duck’s nest and put them under one of the little bantam hens to hatch.

When the eggs hatched, the little hen took real good care of the 10 little baby ducks. But every time the pretty little hen brought the baby ducks out of the chicken house to meet the rest of the flock, the two old female ducks tried to beat the old male duck to death.

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