Whitesburg KY

Gravediggers appreciated

Before I get carried away with my article, there are some who helped us in our time of need and I sure want to thank them, and they are the gravediggers.

Some came out of Knott County, and those who don’t drive would not be deterred so they hitched a ride with someone else. They were determined and appreciated very much.

In my younger days I, too, helped dig quite a few graves, but time makes a change in all of us.

I guess one could say, “We bloom for a season and then we wither away like a flower of summer.”

But we were born to die and to give God honor and glory while we are here, and the Lord didn’t promise us that our life would be a bed of roses or how long we would be here.

We have no promise of tomorrow or that we will live to see the sunrise or not. We may start a sentence and never live to finish it. Life can end as quickly as it started.

I just lost a loving son, but he wasn’t just a son, he was a buddy who wanted to involve me in everything he did whether it was a hunting or fishing trip, or just an outing with nature.

If I said I wasn’t able he would encourage me to at least try. We had planned to go deer hunting one time, but it was not in God’s plan.

You disciples of Satan out there who are quick to judge other people, if you would sweep your own floors you wouldn’t have time to sweep everyone else’s, and I would guess many are pretty cluttered.

From the funny farm till next time.

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