Whitesburg KY

Great-grandson born on Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been so busy lately with work. My granddaughter Ashley, her friend Jamie and Jamie’s son Brendon came to visit and help clean my house. It was much appreciated.

I made a trip to Indiana. On the way there I stopped at Florence to see Ashley, then to Batesville and stayed the night with Michaela and Phil. On Friday, I went to visit Chad and Amber after they got off work and spent the night with Mike at his apartment. He is doing well.

Then off to Columbus, Ind., to visit Agnes and Anna Maggard. They both need prayer. Then to North Vernon to visit Audrey and Charles Hammonds. They also need prayer. Back to Greensburg and ate supper with Mike and his friend Earl at Waffle House.

Around 10:30 on Saturday night, Michaela went to the hospital and my great grandson Lanceton James Allan Dickman was born at 4:01 a.m. on Valentine’s Day. Her papa would be so honored that he was born on his birthday and named after him and he was a great Valentine’s present for me. He is perfect — long black hair, weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and 19½ inches long. He looks like both parents, Michaela and Phil. Grandpa Chad and Grandma Amber and Grandma Diana Abbott are sure proud grandparents. I call him Little James because I see his papa’s nose.

Also, I went to Rushville and visited my niece Pam. Was good to see her and her friends.

I left a noon on Sunday and headed home. Took seven hours to get home. The farther I came this way the worse it got, but my little car coasted past the traffic. Hazard was awful and then my wiper broker on the driver’s side and had to be replaced on Monday. Sure glad to be home.

Big Cowan

Late happy birthday to Carolyn Harvey Sturgill on Feb. 1, Dakota Fields and Robert D. Sexton on Feb. 2, Aiden Fields on Feb. 3, Melissa Nicely on Feb. 6, Greg Dollarhide on Feb. 14, Phyllis Anne Fields on Feb. 16, Wissy Caudill, Leroy Fields and Pamela Brewer on Feb. 17, Diana Goedeker on Feb. 19.

Happy birthday to Jay Bates on Feb. 24, Amber Kress Fields on Feb. 25, Jeanne Mullins Adams on Feb. 27, Debbie Eldridge on Feb. 28, Jean Banks Poisel on Feb. 28, Winter Aubrey Jefferson turns three years old on Feb. 28, and Kathleen Miles Brock, not sure what day.

In memory this month: Tommy Roark of Indiana died four years ago on Feb. 4, Anna Collier died three years ago on Feb. 5, Jessie Hill died two years ago and Loreva Fields died three years ago on Feb. 5, Linda Ann Fields Adams died four years ago on Feb. 11. Morris and Della Maggard would have been married 70 years on Feb. 13. Happy anniversary to Della and to Morris in heaven. Guy Stewart died four years ago on Feb. 14.

My loving husband, James E. Fields, would have been 69 on Valentine’s Day. Happy birthday and happy Valentine’s Day in heaven. Love and miss you.

Shelia Younce Hogan would have had a birthday Feb. 17. Barbara Maggard Bates died four years ago Feb. 19. Lou Ann Fields Ingram died four years ago Feb. 27. Nick Conasta died four years ago on Feb. 21. My dad, Jasper Fields, would have been 98 on Feb. 22, and Loreva Fields would have been 92 on Feb. 22.

Audrey Maggard Hammonds will be 75 on March 1. Happy birthday to Archie Joe Maggard on March 1, Lexi Fields will be 12 years old on March 2. The late Bill Maggard Sr. would have been 77 on March 3. Also happy birthday to Paul Mc- Intosh and Barbara Wagner on March 3.

Our storytelling project had a meeting with 16 people in attendance at the Cowan Community Center. Looking forward to moving ahead.

I was able to go to Hemphill Friday night. Really enjoyed seeing my friends again. It has been a long time.

Late happy anniversary to Debbie and Tom Wright, who met, got married and celebrate their anniversary at Hemphill and are still in love. They shared cake with us.

The lady I take care of is in the hospital with pneumonia in both lungs and oxygen level low. Keep her in prayer.

Well, guess I better get off here. Hoping all of you have a great week. Attend the church of your choice. Put God first in your life. May God bless each and every one of you.

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