Whitesburg KY

Great memories, friends, food

I got to go enjoy great memories, great friends and great food with my cousins, Bruce Jones, O’Dessa Lewis, Dorothy Roark, Lavene Jones and wife from Ohio, and all the children, grandchildren, great-grands, and all the dads and moms of all.

It was Saturday, and such a wonderful, sunny day, and the children could play and have fun.

Bruce and Lavene are first cousins, and their birthdays were on the 28th of April. They were 85 years old. It was a mistake in my news of last week.

I am Bruce’s first cousin, and I am six months older than they are. We all grew up together on Ingram’s Creek and went to school at the old one-room school on the creek.

So you can see what a great get-together it was for us. All of us are 85 years young and doing pretty well.

There were Bruce’s children, Cathy and husband Kenny Day, and their daughter, her husband and baby girl; Rick Jones and wife Barbara, and their son and wife and grandchildren; Larry Jones and wife and children; O’Dessa, his sister and daughter and grandbaby, and others.

They had really worked to make the good dinner. Everyone had a great day.

Dorothy Jones Roark and husband Curlise Roark came down from Indiana. It was good to see everyone. I really thank them for including me.


We had our flea market, but not many came. I enjoyed those who did come.

I don’t have much to tell this week as I was so busy at the work for the flea market. I got to meet some good friends — Gladyne Shepherd, Tannie Cornett, and Cecil Parsons, whom I haven’t seen for years. He is in bad health and it’s hard for him to get around. He has arthritis and told me his wife isn’t well either. She was one of my friends in high school.

I think so much of both of them. She was Fay Halcomb, and taught school for many years. They met and were married years ago.

There will be a benefit Saturday evening at the community center for Estill Smith, who is very sick, and they need help to get to the doctor’s for him to be treated. There will be music and a lot of good food to sell to raise money for the family. Please come out and help this family.

Hello to all my friends in many places who read The Mountain Eagle. I will keep in touch. I love and pray for all!

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