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Green and white colors hard to keep at Jenkins

Traditionalists in Jenkins may be disappointed to see the once pure Kelly green and white athletic uniforms accompanied by black or gray trim in the coming school year. Superintendent John Shook told the Jenkins Independent Schools Board of Education it has become increasingly difficult to get straight Kelly green and white without black or gray trim on uniforms. Shook’s comments came in response to a request for approval of the Jenkins Middle High School (JMHS) student handbook which reads on page 25, “School Colors: Kelly Green and White.”

Shook told the board that in the past, including other colors besides green and white has caused some discussion as to the desirability of making gray or black secondary colors as long as Kelly green is predominant. JMHS Principal Teresa Bentley, who is also a former coach of the Jenkins Lady Cav basketball team, said it has become increasingly difficult to get pure green and white. Bentley said the color scheme is available but it costs more and requires a bit more long range planning in order to acquire the pure colors. Board Chair Durward Narramore Jr. questioned the wisdom of suppliers who have known for years that the Jenkins system will be ordering Kelly green and white for its uniforms.

“When they (the suppliers) do their planning, they know they can sell green and white,” said Narramore. “Poor planning does not an emergency make.”

Superintendent Shook said the problem with school colors, like many unanticipated situations, does have a “ripple effect” with alumni and community members. Board member Eileen Sanders agreed with Narramore and said coaches should plan ahead as well.

“It’s so hard to get money for new things, they should be more selective,” said Sanders. “They know black is not acceptable.”

“It’s been green and white as long as I can remember,” said Shook, himself a graduate of Jenkins High School. “It’s harder to get now. The green is here to stay no matter what. You hate to lose that identification throughout your programs.”

In response to a question from board member Raymond “Benji” Prunty, Bentley clarified one of the rules about student parking and driving to school. No student driver may have another person in his or her vehicle on school property without prior written approval for the responsible party for both students.

Bentley also said that most parking on school property is for students and no one is allowed to park across the street in the lot above the Jenkins football field as the Jenkins Police Department no longer directs traffic after school. The handbook also reflects the new state law, “no pass, no drive” for students and has the new graduation requirements. The student handbook, along with the Title I Plan and the MHS Professional Development Plan were passed unanimously. The entire 2007- 2008 JMHS student handbook is available to the public on the MHS website at http:// www.jmhs.jenkins.k12.ky.us/.

In other business, the board accepted a single bid for soft drinks from Pepsi (East Kentucky Bottling) and another single bid for school pictures from McEachern Photo. Superintendent Shook said the school has not received a bid for fuel at this time.

Shook told the board that a request for bids for long-awaited repairs on building roofs, lighting, and floors will go out August 16 and construction on floors will begin as soon as bids are accepted. Work will be done in evenings and on weekends so as not to disrupt classes, which begin August 6. Shook said roof repairs will be held until October because they will require air conditioning and heating units to be turned off so they can be moved. Work on lighting will wait until roof repairs are complete. Shook also told the board the financial reports had turned out surprisingly well considering the system has had three financial officers in the past school year.

“We hope to start the school year with the same finance officer we finished the last year with,” said Shook.

In other board business:

• The board spotlighted the Jenkins Middle High School baseball team, which finished the season with an 11-14-1 record and was runner-up in the 53rd District. Nathaniel Wilder, Casey Childers, Matt Gross, and Chris Puckett were All 53rd District and Puckett and Steven Stephens were named to the All 14th Region Team.

• Superintendent Shook also spotlighted three staff members, Diane Baker, principal of the Jenkins Elementary Schools, Curriculum and Instruction Director Jan Tackett, and Anita Bolt, a teacher at Burdine Elementary, for an e-mail from the Kentucky Department of Education complimenting the three on a grant they had written for the Reading First Program.

• The board voted unanimously to approve a request from Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Thacker of Taz’s Candle Corner to purchase championship jackets for the Lady Cav softball team, which won the 53rd District Title and went as far as the semi-final game of the 14th Regional Tournament.

• JMHS will offer advanced placement Spanish this school year with the hiring of Spanish teacher Roberta Epperson.

• Board member Prunty suggested that Superintendent Shook write a letter complimenting the school custodial staffs for their hard work in getting ready for the coming school year.

• Superintendent Shook asked Principals Bentley and Baker to accompany him to a meeting in Whitesburg this Friday at 10 a.m. for an undisclosed announcement. Shook said Jenkins Mayor Charles Dixon had assured him they would be very pleased with the result.

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