Whitesburg KY

Groundhog sees shadow

Cowan Creek

When I was a little girl groundhogs were our pets. Well, today is Feb. 2 and the groundhog saw its shadow. Ugh. Maybe I am not a fan after all. I think six more weeks is too long. Oh well, life moves on.

I guess by now everyone has heard of the little boy, Luke Polly from Mayking, who has to fight a big battle with the worst word a parent could hear. Leukemia!

Luke has been a real trooper so far. He is in St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. Please be in prayer for him and his family. He is the son of Abby and Johnathan Polly of Mayking.

I worked with his greatgrandma, the late Carol Polly, at WARH. Here is the address to send a card though I don’t advise anyone to send cash. I received a card the other day and you could tell someone opened it with a knife. Sad world we live in.

The address is: Johnathan Luke Polly, 262 Danny Thomas Place, Memphis, TN 38105. We are all praying for this family and believing Luke will be healed by the grace of God. Also there are jars out in Whitesburg to help this family during this trial.

Well, here is an update on the Obama “Help Insurance.” I always get back $1,400 or more. Guess what? Not this year.

I turned in my hourly rate from last year and they gave me the silver plan. Well, I should have figured out what I would have made for the whole year. They penalized me $750 smackers. May get $500. I’ve got to pay $62 dollars a month for insurance. I don’t get it.

Income dropped and I have switched jobs. So if you can figure this one out, let me know.

Now here is the good part. I’ve got a stack of bills which all apply to my deductible. Thanks, for the love! Move on.

Prayers for Jack Roberts family of Cowan. I am sure most know he died on the 28th of January. So very sorry.

I heard Jack Day of Cowan Creek is not doing well, so please pray for him. I always loved to hear him sing at Little Cowan Primitive Baptist where I grew up going to church.

My niece Lexi Santana Pease was in the Varsity Court Homecoming at Shelby Valley High School. She looked lovely. She is a very intelligent young girl. She also plays volleyball and she is very good at it, and basketball as well. She sat on the bench where she was new there, but she moved on and may try again next year. She is awesome at the game.

Jessie Cook makes good grades as well, her younger brother. Avery, the youngest, is very talented as well. He is good at all sports.

Jessica and Danny do well. They stay busy with the three children. Always involved in their kids’ lives. So very important.

Fredrick, Tiffany and Connor have all had strep again. One more time and ole dad has to have his tonsils removed. He is a carrier. They told me that when he was young.

The weird part is his dad nor I have never had the virus. Prayers for them to get well soon.

He said that they were all better, due to antibiotics. Ole Fredrick has to have a shot, but he won’t listen to his Ma.

Hope the snow gets its cup filled good. Ready for some sunshine, on my shoulders. It make me happy!

I missed the Super Bowl. Feel asleep in my comfy recliner. I watched them start, and end. That was my party. Maybe next year I will go be with friends.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Make your sweetheart feel special even if it’s just a card. Something is better than nothing. Hope all the women get a big ole “rock” (diamonds are forever).

Happy birthday to Steven Kincer of Cowan Creek. Hope you get the big fish. I always see him setting minnow traps in the summer. Good luck.

Until next time. Keep on moving with the flow. God bless.

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