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Group is growing steadily

To the Editor:

For the third time in two months, a number of Letcher County citizens met on February 22 with Dr. Peter Hackbert of Berea College to discuss ways of increasing citizen-generated economic activity in Letcher County. The group, which initially began with community center and other non-profit representatives eager to establish a firmer funding base for their centers and to expand their activities, is steadily growing to include people interested in establishing or invigorating for-profit businesses.

The emphasis on today’s meeting was developing one-page business plans which can be broken into tasks for immediate action, and built on as time passes until they are detailed enough to be used in funding applications.

Dr. Hackbert is considering bringing a dozen or more Berea students to the Kentucky River Development District counties, including Letcher County, this summer. Those students would, using the business plans, help the participants in these meetings to achieve the strategies laid out in the plans.

Besides helping participants think through the big picture and break their goals into tasks, it gives participants an opportunity to share ideas and experiences. Topics covered during the February 22 meeting ranged from adventure tourism promotion to sources of loans for small businesses.

While the purpose of the effort is to assist people who are trying to establish and improve their profit or non-profit businesses, anyone is welcome to attend. Call Dean or Nina Cornett at 633-9546 for more information.


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