Whitesburg KY

Grower’s Market planned

People are starting to get seed catalogs and orchard catalogs in the mail, and all it takes is a few nice spring-like days as we have had recently and we get the urge to work in the sod and plant some seeds. If you plant some extra this year, and it’s a good growing year, you might want to sell some of your home-grown produce at the Grower’s Market located next to the Pine Mountain- Letcher County Craft Co-op (near Pine Mt. Junction). There is no charge to set up and sell your items — it might be tomatoes, beans, berries, apples, honey, eggs, etc.

We all hope it will be a good weather year for gardens and orchards. People sure do enjoy buying all those good fresh foods and of course, if we prepare them properly and follow the nutrition guidelines, now called “Plate It Up”, our health will be better and we will feel better. If you want to set up at the Grower’s Market, please call Pine Mountain Craft Co-op at 633-0185 or Ann Bradley at the Letcher County Extension Office at 633-2362, to guarantee a space.

The Extension Office also offers free soil sample testing, if you wonder if your garden spot or orchard might need some fertilizer to help it produce more vegetables, fruit, etc. We have a leaflet that explains how to collect your soil sample, but basically you use a spade or knife to dig down 6 to 8 inches in a tilled area, or 3 to 4 inches in pastures, going to several different spots in the garden. Mix the soil and let it air dry. Bring one pint of the soil to the Extension Office at 478 Extension Drive in Whitesburg.

The soil is tested at the UK Soil Testing Laboratory. Results and recommendations will be e-mailed to the Extension Office usually within one to two weeks after you bring it in. February to April is a good time to get your soil tested for your spring and summer gardens.

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