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Guilty pleas for all in federal pill case

A former Letcher County magistrate has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute the painkiller oxycodone and is scheduled to be sentenced in U.S. District Court on Aug. 10 at 4 p.m.

Homer Rose Jr., 63, admits in a plea agreement that he conspired with Joseph Hall of Detroit and others to distribute a large number of 80-milligram tablets of oxycodone in Letcher County before he was arrested on a federal indictment warrant last Aug. 27. Rose, of Haymond, faces a maximum sentence of imprisonment for not more than 20 years, a fine of not more than $1 million, and a term ofsupervised release of at least 3 years.

According to documents .. led in federal court in Pikeville, prosecutors say they were prepared to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Homer Rose was obtaining between 500 and 1,000 80-milligram tablets of oxycodone a month from Joseph Hall, and would disperse the pills to his brother, Wayne Rose, also of Haymond, to sell to others.

“(Homer Rose) would receive oxycodone from Joseph Hall for approximately $50 per 80-milligram tablet,” says a plea agreement .. led earlier this year, and “would accumulate the proceeds from the distribution of the oxycodone and give it to Joseph Hall.”

“Speci.. cally, on May 9, 2008,” the plea agreement continues, “Homer Rose did provide Joseph Hall with the sum of $20,000 in cash at the Isom racetrack. Drug Enforcement Administration agents received information that (Homer Rose) and Joseph Hall were to meet at the racetrack. Agents conducted surveillance at approximately 8:15 p.m. and observed (Homer Rose) and Joseph Hall meet. (Homer Rose) transferred the sum of approximately $20,000 in drug proceeds to Joseph Hall. That amount of $20,000 represents approximately 400 oxycodone 80-milligram tablets.”

Homer Rose and Wayne Rose, 55, were two of five men and women indicted on a charge of conspiracy to traf.. c in oxycodone. Wayne Rose, who suffers from serious kidney and heart ailments, pleaded guilty in the case last December, but has not been

Thirty-year-old Crystal Starr Bolden Rose of Thornton also pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge earlier this year and was sentenced to probation after being credited with time served. She admitted to authorities that after Joseph Hall was indicted on federal drug charges in May 2008, “Homer Rose became scared and shut down his distribution of oxycodone.” Ms. Rose told authorities that “Wayne Rose thereafter obtained another source of supply” and she “would pick up oxycodone for Wayne Rose from this other source of supply.”

Crystal Rose told authorities she bought 100 oxycodone tablets two to three times a week at $60 to $65 dollars a tablet. She said Wayne Rose would give her the money to buy the tablets, and that Wayne Rose would then sell the tablets for between $100 and $125 each.

Two other defendants in the case, 38-year-old Arthur Richardson Jr. of Haymond, and 65-yearold Ada Mullins (also known as Lucille Seals) of Neon, also have pleaded guilty to conspiring together and with Joseph Hall to distribute oxycodone.

At hearing held June 22, Ada Mullins was sentenced to 15 months in prison, to be served at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington. According to her plea agreement, also filed on June 22, Mullins met Joseph Hall in late 2006 and allowed him to move into her home a short time later.

“Joseph Hall would stay there on occasion and would leave packages of oxycodone tablets for Arthur Richardson to sell,” says the agreement. “At the outset of Joseph Hall moving in, (Ada Mullins) opened one of the packages and thereafter knew the packages contained oxycodone for distribution.”

The agreement continues, “At first, Arthur Richardson would sell the oxycodone and return the money to (Ms. Mullins). On occasion, Richardson would give the money directly to Joseph Hall. Between approximately April 2007 and September 2007, Joseph Hall continued to leave packages of oxycodone at the residence of (Mullins). At a time after April 2007, (Mullins) began distributing oxycodone tablets for Joseph Hall. (Mullins) would sell a portion of the oxycodone tablets from the packages that were left at her residence by Joseph Hall and return the money to Joseph Hall. Joseph Hall charged Arthur Richardson and (Mullins) approximately $50 per tablet. (Mullins) would sell the oxycodone tablets for $65 per tablet.

“When (Mullins) sold the oxycodone tablets left for her by Joseph Hall she would keep the proceeds at her residence until Hall came by to collect. On limited and infrequent occasions (Mullins) would deliver the cash to Joseph Hall at locations in the Letcher County area. On or about March 14, 2008, (Mullins) did distribute 26 oxycodone 80-milligram tablets to a cooperating witness for law enforcement. This transaction took place at her residence.”

Richardson, a father of two who lost his job as a coal miner after he was indicted, was sentenced to 29 months in prison. His attorney, Jason Charles Reichenbach, told the court that Richardson had worked in the mines much of his life and was “introduced to serious prescription pain medication” after a roof bolt “shot through his hand” and a rock fell on his arm.

“The defendant soon found himself addicted to his prescription medication,” Reichenbach wrote of Richardson. “He then began to abuse it. Afterward, the defendant was introduced to the infamous Joe Hall, a known drug dealer, who was quick to take advantage of yet another disposable drug addict.”

Reichenbach told the court that Richardson also lost his workers compensation benefits as a result of his arrest, and that he “receives neither food stamps nor welfare benefits.”

Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb said last year that the arrests of the five defendants was “a culmination of a two year investigation into drug trafficking from Detroit to Letcher, Knott and Perry counties.”

Officers from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Operation UNITE (Unlawful Narcotics Investigation Treatment and Education), Kentucky State Police, HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) Task Force and the Letcher County Sheriff ‘s Department took part in the probe.

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