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Guitar Hero 2 to expand

Videogame review

Mix up some rock ‘n roll, freaky hairdos, and a great air guitar, and you have a video game that gives you a reason to rock out!

This video game is Guitar Hero 2 and if you haven’t seen people jamming out at Wal-Mart with some Rolling Stones, Kiss, Queens of the Stone Age and many more rock bands, you must not have been anywhere near the video game aisle.

Guitar Hero 2 is a video game where you get to play old and new rock ‘n roll songs with you being the lead guitar. The way you play it is you have a controller that looks like a guitar with five different colored buttons which are on the first five frets of the guitar, a strumming bar, and a whammy bar.

The way to play the game is there is a set of colored circles that show up on your screen and when it tells you to play that color, you hold in the colored fret that matches it and you strum the bar. When you have a long note you just strum the bar for a second and hold in the fret that corresponds to the note, but also when you have a long note you push the whammy bar to change the sound to get more points.

The way to beat a song is you have to hit at least 60 percent of the notes and for the certain percentage of your notes is the amount of stars you get, which range from one to five. If you get one, two, or three stars, you lose.

On this game you can rock out story mode in one player or you can let your friend join in with a second guitar and either face off against each other or one person play base or sound effects (depending on the song) and the other play the guitar.

Overall, this is a very fun game for anybody who wants to rock out. This game is available for Playstation 2 and Xbox 360, but it will be available for other new game systems (like Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS) sometime in the fall. Also, Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80’s will be available for Playstation 2 in a few weeks.

Zach Joseph is a student at Whitesburg Middle School.

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