Whitesburg KY

Gunny sacks, lard buckets were handy

As I while away the time, I often let my mind wander back through the mist of times of long ago.

We didn’t have very much in the way of worldly treasures, and what little we did have was looked upon as trash by many other people. But we did have imaginations which were fun and inventive, and sometimes down right dangerous, such as swinging on grapevines and hitching a ride on a coal train. Some people called them coal drags. This was way back in the days of the old steam engine.

We would ride it about a mile then bail out and walk back. Sometimes we bailed out in the wrong place and paid a painful price for our mistake.

We always went barefoot during summer and even picked berries barefoot, too. Now the thought of all those briars terrifies me because I can’t seem to even walk in the house without rearranging the furniture with my toes.

We hardly ever wore any socks when we did have shoes. If our shoelaces wore out that was no problem, we just found an elm tree and got some bark and made us some. They usually didn’t last very long, so we just made more.

If a sprig got to sticking into the bottom of our feet, we lined our shoes with a chunk of cardboard, which we also had to keep doing over and over.

A gunny sack, coffee sack, burlap bag, whatever anyone wanted to call it, was the handiest thing around the place because we used it to carry many things from coal to corn, to apples or walnuts. Sometimes we would even carry green beans in them. If a person lifted a chicken somewhere that wasn’t roosting very comfortably, he could even carry it in a sack.

Another handy item was the lard bucket. It could be used to feed the chickens, slop the hogs, gather vegetables, put fish bait in, and even pick berries and take lunch to school.

To see how stout a coffee sack was, all one had to do was put two tomcats in it and tie the top and sit it on the ground.

How about some humor?

A man called the doctor when his wife got pretty sick. The doctor asked for the symptoms and he gave the man a list of over-thecounter medicines for her to take.

The man came to the doctor’s office the next morning, and he looked awful. The doctor asked if his wife had taken the medicines he had prescribed, and the man said, “You sure look tired, and I feel tired.”

The doctor asked if the medicines had made his wife feel any better and the man said no, that his wife had exploded after taking all that medicine.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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