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Guy Parks comes through surgery well


Mary Helen Blair recently enjoyed a weeklong visit from her son, Enos, of Indiana. He was here to work on his sister-in-law’s home and stayed with his mom while here. I would venture to say he had some of ‘Mom’s’ good homecooking that week.

Don and Coreen Pridemore and I went to Somerset to take advantage of the warm weather that day. We ‘junk’ shopped, had lunch, then stopped by Mom’s sister, Juanita’s, home. We found Juanita and Vince McCarey doing well, and like most of us, looking forward to warmer weather. They had been concerned with the recent wind storms that rolled through their neighborhood, but thankfully they didn’t get any damage.

We’re pleased to hear that Guy Parks, formerly of Black Bottom, came through his recent brain surgery and is doing very well. The doctors said that he should have a complete recovery and everything looked to be taken care of with no complications. We’re glad for him and Patsy. Since they are now living in Somerset, they have decided to sell their home in Jeremiah.

Recently Benjamin and Donna Smith spent their anniversary taking a trip to Bardstown and having dinner on the old-fashioned Dinner Train there. Donna’s brother, Dennis, and his family met them at Bardstown and joined them on the train.

The Sycamore Loop area at Jeremiah has had a few neighbors in and out of the hospital recently. Mary Ellen Blair, Roy Dixon and Dorothy G. Cornett have all had health problems lately, and we hope that they are feeling better by now.

Our Homemakers met for our February meeting at the Blackey Senior Citizens building. We tacked two quilts that were given to the club from Maxie Hampton’s family. We plan to sell one of them and donate the other to Aidra Seals and her family, who recently lost their home in a fire.

Aidra is the daughter of Ronnie G. and Maggie Back of Perkins Branch, and for the time being she and her husband will be staying in Carl and Lucy Back’s home.

Their home on Garner Mountain at Isom burned down while her husband was in a hospital in Lexington. How tragic it must have been for them to hear the news while they were down there, but also how thankful that their children got out safely with the help of their aunt, who was staying with the kids at Isom.

I hope Josephine Holcomb, Mrs. Arlie Adams and Geneva Frances are all doing better this week. They all three fell in their homes recently. This time of year seems to cause a lot of falls.

Happy birthday wishes to Susie Raglin and her brother, George M. Adams Jr., who have birthdays this week.

David and Sharon Ison sent word for everyone to pray for their son, Chad, who has been sick and may need a liver transplant. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chad, and we hope that he is better soon.

Also, Bemus Pratt of Pratt Mountain at Red Star, isn’t feeling well, and his family and friends are very concerned about him.

We had a good weekend at Blair Branch Regular Baptist Church this past Saturday and Sunday. Despite the big snow on Sunday morning, we had a large crowd attending.

Get well wishes to ‘Hoot’ Danny Campbell, who spent a few days in the hospital last week. His daughter, Autumn, is opening a beauty shop in the Roger Breeding Barber Shop building at Isom. We hope she has a successful business.

It has been sad seeing Roger’s shop empty since his death last year.

Also, our sympathy goes out to the family of Eva Trout of Mill Branch, who died last week. I didn’t know all of her family, just Larry and Anna Sue, who were in school when Bob and I were, but we send our condolences to all her family.

I’m about to miss my deadline (again), so that’s all for now, except for a big hello to Buck, Debbie and Emily Adams in Indiana. I think they get aggravated at me for not writing every week. Sorry!

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