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Gwen Farmer cooking for deer hunters

Southern Ohio

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope everyone has plenty of turkey and the trimmings, I still haven’t decided what I am going to do.

I know one thing. I think I am going to give up on a computer and go back to the good old slow mail that you actually sit down, write, then put it in an envelope with a stamp. Somehow I downloaded a new version of AOL and did I make a mistake! I lost the mail I had saved which means my column is gone!

I am thankful I am partially as smart as some people think I am since I figured out how to get the computer back working. I just can’t retrieve my lost column. One of these days I will need a new front window as I am not going to take the time to open the door and throw this thing out! Not really.

I got a surprise phone call from my friend, Linda Hollan, asking if my computer was up and running. I said sure is! It seems as if Linda’s computer decided it was tired, so she came to use mine!

I believe we have somehow we have been zapped into Alaska. I wonder if Sarah Palin has a good cup of some kind of beverage she would share.

I am so pleased the election is over! Now if somehow the telemarketing would stop on the telephone!

My sympathy goes out to the family of Barefoot Bill and Betty Kelly in the death of his brother, Paul Kelly. Bill’s sister is in bad condition also.

Betty lost her brother, Doug Bryant, a short time ago. Douglas D. Bryant died Sept. 28, at Middletown Ohio. Doug was born Feb. 10, 1938 in Letcher County. He was the son of Earl and Alma Bryant, who are deceased along with three sisters, Maxine, Mildred and Florabell, and a brother, James Foster. Doug has one son, Keith Bryant, and two grandchildren of Florida, along with eight sisters, Corrine, LillyMae, Earlene, Wilmalee, Betty who lives in Ohio, Patty, Linda, Levenna, and one brother, Paul Franklin of Kentucky. Doug is also survived by several nieces and nephews, cousins and lots of friends who will miss him.

Betty and Barefoot Bill have seen their share of heartaches as their daughter Missy is a cancer survivor and their son Shane has several health issues also.

Now to some happy news: My dear friend, Gwen Huff Farmer, is very pleased to have her son, John Farmer, along with his son, Grant, who is being accompanied by John’s friend, Jack, and his son, Michael, for deer season. Gwen’s grandson, Jamie, came early to get a head start on eating his grandmother’s cooking.

Gwen is also expecting a few more deer hunters who will stay in her extra house that has to be a 120 years old now! Gwen has been busy baking and cooking trying to get everything ready. Oh will those guys be in for a feast, they will go home stuffed.

I wanted so bad to go visit Gwen this summer, and to visit Shirley Wells since neither one drives this far. I drive but can’t afford the gas. For the past month I have driven my van. Today I got in a tight spot and had to back up. I did it very carefully. I am not afraid to get in it and go where I want to now.

I had to go to Cincinnati to the doctor. I wish the weather temperature was as high as my blood pressure. It was only 197 over 101. Needless to say they changed my blood pressure medicine. I asked the doctor if he could perform miracles and make me about 20 years younger and 40 pounds lighter. I don’t think I was asking too much, do you? I have to go for some tests.

While I was talking to Betty Kelly my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold decide to beat up on his mamaw. I changed the television from his cartoon station to watch KET. He told me “TV on”, meaning he wanted the cartoons back on. He walked around fussing and trying to get the remote. Finally he smacked my knee and said “TV on”. Betty was listening to him, and we both were laughing so hard. Betty remarked how good he can talk.

He is such a happy little boy, I enjoy watching him grow, though if someone within a 50- mile radius that would like to give me a break, I might consider a nap. Right, Ann Calihan! As it is all Ann and Johnny Calihan’s fault that I am baby-sitting.

I am glad to say Ann is feeling better. She is having all her family for Thanksgiving. Guess I may sneak out and see what is good.

I may go to my daughter, Kay Gray’s, for Thanksgiving. I haven’t decided yet. I may be too tired to go anywhere by then.

Happy birthday Nov. 22 to Janey Whitaker of Franklin, Ohio, who is the daughter of Genita Calihan of Paradise Valley (Paices Branch). Janey sends a big hug to her uncle and aunt, Johnny and Ann Calihan.

Lesa Turner of Miamisburg, Ohio, was named Artist of the Month. Lesa is very talented. Lesa is also the daughter of Genita Calihan, and the mother of my little sweetie Shane Turner. Shane has won awards in Special Olympics.

I am enjoying WMMT while doing this column. I understand WMMT was mentioned in Bluegrass Unlimited magazine. That is an honor as this is a well known worldwide published magazine. I even had a write-up several years ago, just a short article, as I got tired of someone making fun of the mountain people while doing their show at bluegrass festivals. It seems there’s always someone ready to look down their nose because you are from the mountains. Even on the court shows that feature a certain judge. Someone was referred to as a hillbilly, and a Clampett. Well this so-called judge doesn’t know beans about the Clampetts as Granny was clean! I get riled up when mountain folks are put down by anyone. As the Merle Haggard song goes, “that’s walking on the fighting side of me”!

Belated happy birthday Nov. 23 to Tim and Kim Day, the twins of Hayward and Vivian Day. As I always say, Kim looks more like her mom every day! This has been a private joke between the Days and myself for a long time. I am sorry to hear that Hayward hasn’t been feeling up to par. Now, Hayward, you get feeling better. I can’t have you ailing, I have to have someone to pick on. Vivian, you take care of yourself too.

Hello down Whitesburg way to Elmer and Oma Sexton, Anna Mae Cook, and Maggie Brown who enjoy reading my column. Hello to my brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall.

Hello to my brother, Richie Hall, Wanda and Derrick. The Hall family sends a big howdy to Derringer Adams and says happy Thanksgiving!

I hear that Michael Ison is having a feast for Thanksgiving with several family members.

Shirley Wells will be having Thanksgiving with her family. She and her daughter, Loretta, had supper at a Cat Fish House. Shirley says the food is delicious there.

Do something silly every day! Here in the shortness of my life, Lord help me to treasure-moments of wonder.

Well I have been busy today so I think I will call it a night and say so long until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, (513) 367-4682.

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