Whitesburg KY

Had a day out for movie and music

Hello everyone. Hoping everyone is doing okay. Some beautiful weather we have been having lately. So good to get out and enjoy this sunshine. Been cooped up too long.

Melinda “Kay Kay” still in the hospital. Keep her in prayer. Maybe she will be home this week.

I had a day out by myself on Saturday. I went to see a movie at Norton and then went to the Cabin. Appalachian Strings was playing. I had never heard them. They were very good. I enjoyed myself and saw a few friends up there from Hemphill and some that go to the Cabin on a regular basis. I even got out and flatfooted to one song. Some of these people can dance every dance. I wear out after one. Who says you have to have a partner to have fun? Go and enjoy. Good clean fun.

Sad news on Sunday. My daughter-in-law’s grandmother who had stage 4 lung cancer for a short time died. Keep all of them in prayer. I hope to get up there soon.

Happy birthday to Rick Polly and Charles Demery Sr. on March 26, Herb Fields on March 27, Brack Sexton on March 30 and Joe Lee Maggard on March 31. All have a good day. Also JoAnn Fields on April 1, Marty Hays on April 1 and Carol Ann Ison on April 2.

Big Cowan

My sister and brotherin law Kathy and Eddie Wolfe have been inviting me up for supper. Since I am alone they are worried I won’t eat. I snack a lot. Not fun to cook for one person. I appreciate them being concerned and I love them very much.

My brother and sisterin law Archie and Margaret Fields call to check on me also. Love and appreciate them.

Sorry to hear that Teddy Brown, son of Pastor Joe and Linda Brown from Neon, died recently. Prayers for the family.

Brother Bobby and Debbie Howard did a great job raising Caleb. He is such a blessing. No matter where you see him, he has a sweet smile and you can see the love of God. I am not lifting up Caleb but the way he has love for God. Keep his little family in prayer.

Not much going on here this week. Remember those that are sick, those that bound by drugs and alcohol, all those in the nursing homes and our shut-ins. For some people we are the only Bible they read, so let your light shine for God. Attend the church of your choice. May God bless.

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