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Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy

Had enough snow, ready to see the green grass

Hello once again!

After a brief period of sunshine, it has turned cold again. At least we don’t have snow like I have heard slipped into the mountains. I hear that New York is expecting a foot or more of that beautiful white stuff. Well you know what, I am glad I am not a jealous person, because they can keep it.

I s ha re the same thoughts with another columnist Relon Hampton about the beauty of a fresh fallen snow, especially as it is snowing. I have just had enough and I am ready to see the green grass.

I recently learned my son-in-law Scott Nottingham has a niece that lives in New York, who is involved with designing clothes. Actually she designed a dress for the Grammy Awards that was on television recently, and modeled the dress herself. Anna said she had just a few seconds of exposure. I don’t watch the awards show so I know nothing about what goes on. The only time I watched a show called ‘Survivor’ was the time the Calihan girl was on. One time I did watch ‘The Amazing Race’ because they advertised someone from Hazard.

I thought about venturing to the Coon Hunter’s Club on the outskirts of Hamilton, Ohio, then I saw an ad where Lost & Found was playing at Willis Music in Florence. Scott Napier picks mandolin for this great group. I thought about getting dressed and going, instead I curled up with my electric blanket and watched television, fooled with the computer and did a few things. I know I must be getting old when I will settle for comfort of staying home instead of going out to hear music.

Saturday I wasn’t feeling well so I traded a gown for sweatpants and shirts and stayed in the house until Sunday. I have sneezed my head off and didn’t feel like being around anyone.

I called my friend Vickie Power as I found out she wasn’t taking care of her granddaughter and I hadn’t been out of the house since Friday evening. Vickie mentioned she wanted to take a ride to see the river. After some consideration, I told Vickie to get in her car and come pick me up. We rode Southern Ohio along the river then stopped for a bite to eat and of course sweet tea.

I haven’t felt well and can’t believe I hadn’t been out of the house since Sunday until Wednesday when I had an errand to do. So many people and so many places kept running through my head, like heading for the mountains. We had rain and more rain, and I didn’t want to drive in it.

I did accomplish something that I have wanted done for some time. I bought a converter box when they shut off using an antenna for reception, and I finally hooked it up to a small television. Now I can lie in bed and watch it. I found a station that had bluegrass music and called another misplaced hillbilly who loves bluegrass music, Polly Ann Maucher, who was watching the same thing. We both enjoyed hearing and watching Ralph Stanley and Patty Loveless do ‘Pretty Polly’. This was recorded in 2002.

When Ralph Stanley sang ‘O Death’ I could hear our mom, Ora Hall, singing this song so many years ago. Mom also sang a song called ‘Lonely Tomb,’ ‘Greenback Dollar,’ and so many more. Ricky Skaggs sure has changed in his looks in the last few years as he has joined the rank of getting older and letting his hair grow.

For some reason this same program has been shown a couple of times. I called Polly and she was watching it again, that is until she found a basketball game

I have mentioned about so many from the mountains being on a website called Facebook. I didn’t realize there were so many talented people there also. I had a chat with a lovely lady, Libby Smith, who is in a bluegrass band called ‘7 South.’ “This band is made up of four schoolteachers, a coal miner and a welder. They are all new to the world of music, but are quick studies. They are Lisa Braswell a kindergarten teacher residing in Viper (vocals and guitar), Darlene Campbell a fifth-grade teacher from Linefork (vocals), Donna Breeding, an office manager from Isom (vocals), Jon Caudill, a KVEC teacher from Jeremiah (guitar-vocals), Artemus Campbell, a coal miner from Linefork ( banjo), and Libby Day Smith, a retired fourthgrade teacher.

I confused this band with ‘William Caudill & Route 7.’ Libby laughed and said everyone does the same thing. ‘7 South’ played on Front Porch Picking Wednesday evening on TVS Cable. I wish I could get this on computer.

Will Caudill has the most beautiful videos with his songs that I have ever seen. Thanks to Wanda Lene Watts Whitehead for such great photography. As quick as I can I am sending for a copy of a CD from Libby and Will; there’s just too much going on right now.

I am thankful I didn’t have to buy more propane. I really don’t know how people who have children make it. Gas is outrageously high again. I have always heard ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,’ and I believe that.

For years I have watched NASCAR when I could, and sometime ago I heard a quick mention of someone having ties to Whitesburg. Recently in The Mountain Eagle I was reminded of that small episode, and it was Wade Day! So it seems that Letcher County is well known for many celebrities.

It did my heart good to see a truck with the name Roxana on it. Actually, it has ‘Roxana Specialized Haulers’ on the door. This truck belongs to Kevin Ison. I still think Kevin should at least invite Polly Ann Maucher and me along on his trips. He’s going anyway, so surely he could squeeze us in some where!

Gwen Huff Farmer is thinking about trying to attend the Kingdom Come school reunion in May. I believe this is Memorial Weekend, and I don’t like to travel on that weekend, the same as Labor Day! I will have to wait and see when it gets a little closer to the date!

I talked to my brother Richie Hall, who seems to be doing a little better though his sugar is still running high. Our brother Robert Hall is back in the hospital again, and not doing very well. If it isn’t one thing to worry you, look close enough you will find two.

There’s something I would like to know, who is the Bob Ison that has been writing for The Mountain Eagle? I really enjoy ready everything he writes.

Christine Fields, I enjoy your column and had to laugh as someone had your feathers ruffled! I have found you really can’t please everyone, though I try, and of course we get paid so much, we better be good little girls or we will get our salaries cut!

Baby Kyle Nottingham is home from the hospital and doing great. Kyle’s sisters Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, and mom Anna spoil him. Scott is trying to talk me into selling my house and buying something across the river in Kentucky. I told Scott that he could fix the upstairs back the way it used to be with an extra living quarters, except he could put a rope on the outside so I could swing down instead of coming down the stairs to the main floor. Scott said he could put a trellis so I could climb up and down! I really hope the time never comes that I will have to live with any of my children.

I haven’t talked to Ann Calihan this week as I decided to take a vacation and never leave my house

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall and their neighbors, to my sister Loretta Church and brother Wallace Lee Hall in Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Hello to Carl Boggs and all his family. Carl, it won’t be long before you can sit on that porch in the back of your house, and just watch those hornets.

Jessie Frazier, are the lettuce and onions peeping out of the ground yet?

Several daffodils were beginning to bloom, and this morning there was about two inches of snow on the ground and so much black ice on the roads that there were wrecks everywhere.

My sympathy to the family of Kenny Day, in the loss of his dad. We have walked that path before.

Our dad, Clayton Hall, would have been 86 years old March 13.

I haven’t seen my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold in a couple of weeks so I will be headed that way in a day or two.

I haven’t heard anything from Bill Proffitt, so I guess I better get busy and go check on him again.

Hello Shirley Wells. I will see you on the computer one day next week.

I guess I had better get this on its way. As I said before, I will start early yet I seem to finish late. I just have too much on my shoulders sometimes.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030 email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513- 367-4682.

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