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Halcomb honored at SRS reunion

Stuart Robinson had its 50th class reunion August 6-8. People came all the way from Florida and Michigan.

Eugene Halcomb, his wife Phyllis, son Terry and granddaughter Pam were there from Lansing, Mich. Eugene was interviewed for television.

Eugene was honored on television for giving up a paid week’s vacation to Anaheim, Calif., with the Michigan Post Office with its national convention so he could be with his friends at the Stuart Robinson reunion.

Eugene loved Stuart Robinson School. He was on the folk dance team and did many other activities. When he graduated from there, the next went he went into the Navy, where he stayed for four years. He got married, had two boys, Randy and Terry, and settled down in Lansing. He went to work for the post office and retired from there. He had many friends, was liked by everyone. After he retired, the post office elected him as a delegate to travel with them to their conventions.

The post office convention in Anaheim and the school reunion started the same weekend and he could only go to one of them. He had not been to the reunion for several years until this year. He saw many friends and classmates and really enjoyed himself. He also got to see his two sisters and their families, Jeanette Halcomb Branson from Louisville and Jean Sexton Halcomb from Neon.

Eugene used to hunt and fish a lot. He enjoyed eating what he caught. He said he could fish seven days a week, hot or cold, and I believe him.

When he was a little boy, he caught a catfish. For some reason our mom could not fry it, so he turned it loose in a well, which was our drinking water. The well was about 15 feet deep. The fish lived a long time. I guess you could say, that was the one that got away.

Eugene is now into bluegrass music and helps with blood drives. He loves being around people and talking to them. He always has a story to tell you.

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