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‘Halloween Bear’ was at Hot Spot

Southern Ohio

Luke Howard, 11, killed a six-point buck at the Youth Hunt recently. Pictured with him is his father, Terry.

Luke Howard, 11, killed a six-point buck at the Youth Hunt recently. Pictured with him is his father, Terry.

Hello everyone!

Since it will be almost Halloween by the time The Mountain Eagle hits the stores, I hope all the little ones and older kids at heart, have a safe time trick or treating.

The last time I went out trick or treating before I left the mountains I was staying at Grandma’s at Whitesburg and went home to be with Mommy. My sister Loretta put on a fur coat that someone had given Mom, and looked like a bear walking up the road at Hot Spot. There were some other kids with us. It might have been Lawrence and Eula Ison’s girls. I know I laughed so hard I really don’t remember us getting any candy. Loretta and I have shared laughter over that night many a time.

The only thing I can remember about Halloween as a child growing up in Roxana is my Aunt Tena put cold cream and soot from the stove on my face, and I went out looking like that.

When I read Forrester Hogg’s book of Roxana, I find so many similarities.

Abbey Howard, 9, killed her first doe at the recent Youth Hunt. They are the children of Tracie and Terry Howard of Whitesburg. Their grandparents are Jack and Donna Howard, and Cassel and Opal Boggs.

Abbey Howard, 9, killed her first doe at the recent Youth Hunt. They are the children of Tracie and Terry Howard of Whitesburg. Their grandparents are Jack and Donna Howard, and Cassel and Opal Boggs.

I always felt Roxana was a safe haven to me except when there was some bullying going on toward me. I learned to take my part after I got older, and it stopped.

I must say I envy Forester as he has the ways and means for getting his book publicized, yet he has nothing on me as my book ‘The Beauty of a Rose’ has a lot about Roxana in it, just a different way of expressing things.

At times I wish things were as simple as they were back then. I was too young to know the hardship Mom and so many others went through to raise their families, and how hard Dad worked in those risky rinka dink coalmines while the ones who owned the mines lived so much better.

I do remember the houses that Mom and Daddy rented. We were clean and had a roof over our head and were sort of warm, if you stood in front of the fire.

I can’t even say we never went hungry as Mom would only cook breakfast and supper. Yes, it was called supper. During the day we could find a piece of leftover cornbread or a biscuit and maybe a piece of fatback salt bacon, sop the bread in the grease, and head out to play.

To this very day I hate to see children waste food, or snarl their nose and say, “I don’t like that.” When my children were young they ate what I cooked and no complaining.

I’ve received three surprise phone calls this week. Georgia Helton it was so good to talk to you, and thanks for the compliments.

I received a phone call from Texas. I hope I didn’t get the name wrong. I think it was Boyd Meade, who is from farther up around Kona or Whitaker, or in that area.

Jackie and Jack Sayers, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. Jack, I hope your leg heals, and I am so sorry you got hurt at the Letcher County Picnic.

It really was great to meet both of you, and thanks for being so good to Loretta.

Monday night, I went to Hunters Pizzeria to hear Tony Hale & Blackwater Bluegrass Band. I knew Les and Pat Wagner were going, along with Larry and Becky Hasty, so I sat with them.

I teased Pat that I am a bad influence as we sing along with the band. Les is a good singer. If this family was blood, I couldn’t love them more. How they put up with me, I really don’t know!

I ran into Wayne Blair during the square dance at Blackey Days. He forgot to tell me that his wife Lettie Jane was at the motel at Whitesburg or I would have stopped in to say hello.

Sunday, I went to Fairborn to see Junior Blankenship along with Danny Davis. Evan Lanier played bass for the band. Evan is a showstopper on any instrument he plays. Of course I danced with my favorite partner Howard, who is 89 years old. I think my car knows the way to Fairborn by itself, and to Hunters Pizzeria.

Sunday evening, I stopped for a while to check on my daughter Angie Wiederhold and my little sidekick Bennie. Angie and Bennie have both been very sick.

We had pizza and Bennie asked if I could eat super fast so I could go play on the computer with him before I had to come home. I told him I couldn’t eat super fast, and he asked me to please try to.

Saturday, Beechwood Marching Band won the Class A State Competition at Louisville. My granddaughter Sarah Nottingham plays saxophone for this band. Beechwood has won the state championship for two years. Oh yes, I am very proud. The band will be going to Indianapolis for another competition next week.

Friday, I spent some time at Doyle and Betty Ison’s. It was a beautiful day, and I really wanted to sneak out on the deck and look down over the trees. You can see off in the horizon and it is so peaceful. I guess the search for serenity will never leave me as I seem to always want to be in the wilderness.

It is always a delight to be at Betty’s house, which is a home with warmth. The mirror in the master bedroom takes up the whole wall, actually the bathroom is like mine, and you could almost put a twin bed in it.

Saturday, Doyle and Betty’s grandson Tyler was married. Betty’s sister Bessie Shepherd from Whitesburg attended, and spent the night with Doyle and Betty. I had other plans or I would have dropped by to say hello to Bessie.

Betty is really recuperating well from her knee replacement. I am so glad to see her walking without the help of a walker. I knew you couldn’t keep her down for long.

Glen Farmer Jr. sends thanks for the phone calls, and I am still missing Gwen very much.

I talked to Polly Maucher for a few minutes.

Johnny Calihan stopped by for a little while. I talked to Ann just a bit then she got a phone call. Ann is slowly healing from her broken leg.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall and to my sister-in-law Wanda Hall.

Hello Linda Hall, I enjoyed talking to you.

I bet everyone is pleased that Blackey Days are finally over on the Government Channel. I am sorry that I didn’t realize I was dancing in front of the camera.

I may never be welcome back there again!

If anyone need any remodeling done, please give Jon of Caudill Construction a call. Keep this guy busy.

It is getting late so I better get this on its way. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513-367-4682.

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