Whitesburg KY

Halloween for kids in Blackey — 1949

Halloween every year is a lot of fun. Lots of candy and not much mischief. We had fun in Blackey, too. But we went a little further than usual.

The first thing to do on Halloween night was to turn Evalee Sloan’s toilet over. That became a Blackey tradition. (The next day we sat it back in place.)

Then we soaped all the windows of the store in town.

We dressed up and tried to scare people in their cars coming across the bridge. Some would put an open wallet in the road, tied to a string. By the time a car stopped, it had been pulled into the weeds by the side of the road and they searched, but couldn’t find it.

There were lots of kids in Blackey in 1949. On that special night we were all gathered in front of where the Blackey Library is now, just cutting up and talking.

In July of that year a man had driven his car into Blackey, taken off the license plate and left town. It sat there all that time, and he never came back.

Someone said, “Does anyone have a toolbox?” They found one and we started to work.

We took that car apart, one piece at a time. As soon as a part was removed someone picked it up and threw it off of the bridge, into the river.

A man there kept the tires, and we stayed busy for several hours. It took a long time to drag the transmission and the engine block to the bridge and throw them off.

The hood, doors, seats and fenders were carried by two or more boys to the bridge and thrown in. Muffler, driveshaft, starter and anything that could be removed met the same fate.

Finally, there was nothing left but the frame. It took about 15 of us to carry it to the bridge and throw it in the river.

We laughed at our accomplishment and had an Indian dance right there around that spot of oil and transmission fluid.

Three months went by. Then the man came to Blackey looking for his car. Someone showed him what was left of it, in the river.

He had to go on a sixmonth trip and had hidden his car in Blackey. His girlfriend had picked him up there and they went on the trip together.

I’ll bet he had a hard time explaining to his wife about losing his car.

I could name all the boys who were in on this Halloween prank, but I don’t think I will at this time.

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