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Halls celebrate 53rd anniversary


Olivia Maldonado is Vickie Hatton Underwood’s only granddaughter.

Olivia Maldonado is Vickie Hatton Underwood’s only granddaughter.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and having a good week.

I want to offer our sympathy to Bro. Earnest Brock and family. He lost two brothers and a nephew in about one month.

A belated happy anniversary to Dennis and Linda Hall. They said it was their 53rd. Linda, you must have been a baby. You don’t look much older than that. You can pay me later for saying that. Ha! Ha!

I enjoyed breakfast at the Grill a few days ago. Didn’t see anyone I knew. Our timing must have been bad, I usually see lots of people. My son Bill didn’t see anyone he knew either. Better luck next time. I love seeing friends.

Bro. Conard Profitt has been having their 39th homecoming at their church, Calvary Temple. I got to go two nights and I really enjoyed it. It’s only about a mile from my home. One of the preachers, Bro. Larry Gross from Perry County, knew all about my brothers. I really enjoyed hearing him.

The other preacher was Bro. Tim Blanton. He pastors a church in London. I’ve known him and his wife Rhonda for many years. They used to come to our church when they lived closer. I really enjoyed seeing them and he sure preached good. I hadn’t seen him in years.

This picture of Vickie Hatton Underwood was taken at the Butterfly House at Mackinac Island, Mich.

This picture of Vickie Hatton Underwood was taken at the Butterfly House at Mackinac Island, Mich.

I was surprised and pleased to get a call from Clodene Brown Sturgill in Bloomfield, Ohio. She grew up in Marlowe. She was the daughter of the late Gid and Lora Brown. Her sister, the late Lorraine (Brown) Perry, was one of my best friends.

Clodene has been getting the Eagle for years to read about her old friends. She said she saved all the pictures I put in the paper and made her a scrapbook. I was so touched by that. She’s been in Ohio for 35 years. I knew her when she was a child. We had a lot to talk about. Maybe she will send me some pictures. I asked her to.

I went to the Hatton family reunion on Saturday and I surely enjoyed it. Came home miserable from eating too much of their good food.

It was so good seeing all of them. They came from all over. Chester Lee Hatton and his wife Ruth and their children were there, and Bill Hatton (son of the late Ernie and Mae Hatton) and his wife, she was nice, pretty too! Most of the family of the late Jr. and Betty Hatton were there, and so many of the Hattons I can’t name them all. They are so good at coming to their reunions and I look forward to seeing all of them. Vickie (Hatton) Underwood was there.

A lady, I didn’t get her name, asked me to give special thanks to Alberta and Jerry Barker, Missy and Chris Caudill and Sherry and Fleta Mae Brown, Bruce Brown and his sister Margaret.

She said they couldn’t have it without them. I appreciated all of them for making me feel like one of their family.

It was so good seeing Charlie Hatton. He has been so sick and his wife Aggie is also in poor health. They are in need of prayer.

It was good seeing Merill Landrum. A lot of them have died since the last reunion. Merill lost his wife and also Virgil Hatton died since the last reunion and more of them. We missed them.

I was hoping not to hear of anyone else dying, but I just heard of another good friend, Hazel Slone of Cram Creek, dying. She was a hardworking woman and loved cleaning her house. Our sympathy goes out to her son Bro. Phil Fugate and all the family.

My sons will be coming back from the Bristol races. I’m sure they enjoyed it all and I’ll hear lots of stories.

I sure missed Elzie Ray Hatton and also Hazel Hart and all her family. Her son Gene came in and took her home with him. The Hatton reunion wasn’t the same without them, but it was real good.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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