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Hamptons, Flemings mark anniversaries

Hello once again. Thank goodness we are seeing a break in the weather. I hope everyone is enjoying these slightly warm days; I know I am.

I don’t mind the rain, I just don’t like the slick roads from all the snow.

I’d like to say happy birthday to some who have birthdays in the month of January: Christy Collier from Goosecreek, and Ina Potter from Seco.

Just in my family alone there are Teresa Fox of Jackhorn; Kiya Broughton of Clarksville, Ind.; Quenton Purlee of Salem, Ind.; Kiri Martin of Louisville; Joshua Fleming of Jenkins; Taylor Burnett of Charlestown, Ind.; Michael Lewellen, Marc Claywell, and Tony Jackson, all of Pekin, Ind.; Ashley Ferrell of New Albany, Ind.; Lauren Vinson of Shepherdsville; and Squire Chandler of Scottsburg, Ind.

Belated happy 40th anniversary wishes to Benny and Neva Fleming on Jan. 10, and Jimmy and Starla Hampton on Jan. 17.

I just received a phone call from a very close friend of mine, Linda (T.I.) Potter Euman, who saw my article in last week’s paper. We went to school together, and she now lives in Jackson, Oh. T.I. and her family lived in Hemphill until her family moved to New Lexington, Oh.

It was a joy talking with her and brushing up on the news of her family and mine. Her mom and dad, Sam and Frankie Potter, are not in such good health as of right now, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Hopefully I will be seeing them when they come in for the Potter reunion at the community center this summer. It will be held Memorial weekend.

Linda has a few health problems also, so please pray for her that everything will turn out okay when she sees her doctor next month.

Our Friday night bluegrass was a success. We had a large crowd to show up. There was an incident with Nickey Joe Johnson, who has a bad knee and while outside this bum knee gave out on him. An ambulance was called, but thank goodness he is all right now.

Take care of that knee, Nickey Joe. You are scheduled to play for us on Jan. 29, and I enjoy listening to your band play.

This weekend there were two parties on Saturday at the center. One of them was a baby shower for Steve and Joanie Fields’s daughter Rebecca. This will be Steve and Joanie’s first grandbaby. Congratulations, and I hope everything goes all right.

The other party was a birthday party for Bella Lucas. Happy birthday, Bella.

A longtime resident of Hemphill, Opal Potter Fleming, is now living in Indiana with her children. I am told that she is very ill, so keep her in your prayers.

Please remember the family of Ballard Bentley, who died a couple of weeks ago.

It is always so hard to lose a loved one.

I was told that Hiram Collins and Ruby Combs will be getting married this week. Congratulations. It is so hard for me to call him Hiram. He (Mr. Collins) was a teacher at the Hemphill Grade School for years. I know he has paddled my butt a couple of times. Of course, I probably didn’t deserve it.

I remember he always had a paddle with holes in it. I would love to get one of his old paddles to put in the historical room at the center. If you don’t have one would you please make us one? I know you haven’t forgotten how to do that! Children nowadays probably have never seen a paddle.

I just received a phone call telling me that Charles Anderson died Sunday, Jan. 17, so please remember the family and keep them in your prayers.

This Friday night, Jan. 22, ‘Highway 23’ with Gina Seals will be playing, so come out and listen to them. Music starts at 7:30 p.m.

Then Mountain Melody will be playing on Jan. 29.

I talked with my sister recently who is in Florida, and the temperature there is 80°. I can’t wait until it is that warm here. In the meantime, keep warm and dry.

If you would like to rent the center for a party, call me, Starla Hampton, 606- 855-4191.

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