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Hand quilting becoming lost art

Our mountains are so beautiful this spring.

The redbud trees are in full bloom. The pink dogwood in our yard is ready to bloom. The winter that wasn’t sure has turned into a beautiful spring.

We had a quiet week at the center. Debbie Slone made meatloaf and dumplings in the same week so we have had good food and good fellowship.

We aren’t doing any quilting right now, but Vina Lucas has made a baby quilt for a great-granddaughter she is expecting. We are all going to help her quilt it before the baby arrives.

Hand quilting is going to be a lost art. It’s so much easier and faster to machine quilt.

Debbie Ann Adams is on medical leave from our center. She had surgery on her shoulder last week. Anna King isn’t going to be able to come back to work. Her hand surgery wasn’t successful and she can’t use her hand. Both of them need our prayers.

Some of our folks have been sick this week. Ed and Betty Pike have both been under the weather. Collette Tolliver is still weak from her illness. Clark Baker is home after his back surgery. Martha Harris is doing some better.

Ruby Caudill got to come see us a few days. Lorraine Kuracka isn’t back.

S.T. Wright has been gone to the UK ballgames. What about those Cats? I sure hope they beat Louisville. It’s an honor to have two Kentucky teams in the Final Four.

I’d say Jack Stallard is keeping up with the games. He is still in rehab, but I’m sure he will soon be going strong again. We sure miss him.

Thought from Daily Bread: “In praise, the creature happily acknowledges that everything good comes from the Creator.”

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