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Hanging bedclothes made good tents

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone! It has really been pleasant in the Harrison, Ohio area, more like a cool fall morning.

I was hanging sheets on the line and once again my thoughts returned to my childhood days of eastern Kentucky in the spot known as Roxana. When the sheets were dry I would sneak without Mommy (Ora Hall) knowing and get in the sheets and stand just to breathe the freshness. I would beg her for an old sheet or quilt so we could make a tent, but we never seemed to have any extra ones.

When my children were little I did manage to let them play for a long time doing this very simple pleasure by putting bedclothes on the line and making a tent on lazy, hot days.

I was discussing with someone women doing laundry in the winter and hanging clothes out. Actually, they would freeze dry! It is rather amazing how just a small thing makes your thoughts wander back in time.

Sometimes I visit a friend of mine who is older than me. While we were watching a Lawrence Welk rerun, I asked Ruth if that was what was known a barbershop quartet. She answered yes and told me the white hats were known as a straw katy!

Ruth is 77 years old and was born at Fancy Farm, which is close to Paducah. Her mother died when she was a small child so she was shipped to an older sister in the Cincinnati area.

Ruth’s husband Paul is 80 years old and he was showing me his tools. Paul has a hair dryer and said he bet he is the only man that has a hair dryer and has no hair! Years ago when they had the older type refrigerators that weren’t frost free he used the hair dryer for defrosting!

Sometimes it is a pleasure to be around someone older and to listen, not just to talk, but to just listen to what they have to say.

I had an email from my little friend Gwen Huff Farmer saying she is having plenty of vegetables from her garden. Gwen said she fried cabbage then put noodles in it, which I had never heard of. She said she licked the spoon it was so good.

Gwen is in very good health because she eats mostly what she raises. The only thing she has to buy is meat. She also has a freezer filled with deer, as her family likes to hunt.

I bet Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb are enjoying the fruits of their labor of love about now as I am sure their garden is producing quite well.

Johnny and Ann Calihan brought me a mess of green beans, which I cooked with a chunk of cottage ham, along with mashed potatoes, garden fresh tomatoes. I baked cracklin’ cornbread, which I won’t do again.

I love to eat the cracklin by itself, and thought I would like it in cornbread as Mommy did this. I guess time changes your taste. Who still likes a glass of cold buttermilk with cornbread?

I hear that Willa Mae Boggs hasn’t been feeling well, though she still managed to get a little shopping in. I don’t think she and her husband Carl are ever still long. Though Carl has to keep an eye on her that she doesn’t burn those good half runner green beans! Carl enjoys bluegrass music very much.

I haven’t heard from Betty and Barefoot Bill Kelly so I assume they are visiting their daughter Missy and her husband Jason, who live in the Premium area.

Polly Maucher has been hosting a party again. This time it was a small gathering for her late husband Pete Maucher’s family. I believe Polly said there were around 30 or more attending. Polly said it was back to the humdrum way of life, that her partying days are over for a while!

She did say there were tents in her yard. The neighbors probably think she has started a campground.

Hello to her two brothers “Frick and Frack” Doug and Michael Ison! When it gets winter and my hands are cold, I will see if it is okay with Michael’s wife if he holds my hand so I won’t get cold! They sure have a cute grandbaby.

There’s a new addition on Ingram’s Creek. Congratulations to Darrell and Sherrie Halcomb who have a baby girl named Katelyn Levina Jo. I may have the Katelyn spelled wrong as some people spell it differently. Sherrie started a new family as their son Dakota is 18. He is very proud of his baby sister. A little bird told me this is a beautiful newborn.

I haven’t talked to Shirley Wells much as this was a rather rough week for me.

My brother Richie Hall and Wanda and their grandsons were stopping to spend the night before they went on to Hamilton, Ohio, to their daughter Crystal Caudill’s.

Hello, Derringer Adams from the Hall family. Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall and to all the nurses at Letcher Manor Nursing Home who take care of our sister Loretta Church and our brother Wallace Lee Hall and his wife Georgia. I may be there next! Just make sure I am a room that has a sign on the door that says Quiet Please!

Mark your calendar for Letcher County Day Sept. 26 at the Harrison Community Center. This year it is bring a covered dish instead of a picnic lunch for yourself. Bring your own beverage, please no alcohol, as this is a family event. If you play music, bring your instruments. Hayward Day just might do his table dance for us, right, Kim? Hello, Vivian!

Three older ladies were discussing the trials of getting older. One said, “Sometimes I catch myself with a jar of mayonnaise in my hand in front of the refrigerator and can’t remember whether I need to put it away or start making a sandwich.” The second lady chimed in, “Yes, sometimes I find myself on the landing of the stairs and can’t remember whether I was on my way up or on my way down.” The third one responded, “Well, I’m sure glad I don’t have that problem, knock on wood.” She raps her knuckles on the table, then she, says, “That must be the door, I’ll get it.”

Maybe things will settle down around here and I will have a little more interesting column next week.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, (513) 367-4682.

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