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Happy with Kynect, happy with Grimes

To the Editor:

If you are one of the 413,000 Kentuckians who signed up for and now have “Kynect” get out and vote for Alison Grimes in November. Mitch McConnell wants to take away your health care!

Mitch won’t tell you that “Kynect” is the same thing as the “Affordable Care Act” most often referred to as “Obama Care.” It is the same plan! Governor Beshear set it up and to make it easier for you and I to sign up he called it “Kynect.” Did Mc- Connell not even know it was the same thing? I am convinced that he knew, he just did not want you to know.

Did you watch McConnell on TV when reporters asked him if Kynect and Obamacare was the same thing? He did not have an answer, but handed the microphone to Senator Rand Paul, and Paul did not have an answer either. Is our 30-year-in-office senator so much out of touch with the needs of Kentuckians? Actually he is and has ignored keeping up with Kentuckians’ views; he is too busy raising money and thinking up the most untruthful, nasty, negative ads . . . using “word bullets” aimed to “kill off ” his opponents.

He’s been there too long; he only supports big corporations and billionaires. It’s time to ditch Mitch, he doesn’t care about us.

Bowling Green

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