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Harold Day injured in four-wheeler accident


Gyrt Hall Cook at the age of 28 holding one of her 5 children, Jeff Cook

Gyrt Hall Cook at the age of 28 holding one of her 5 children, Jeff Cook

I got a very big surprise when I pulled into the Letcher County Recreation Center parking lot Wednesday morning. The lot was almost packed to capacity. Upstairs the cardio machines were being used also almost to capacity. There were lots of people on the weight machines, too. These are members of all ages and abilities. I absolutely love it. I know many of them are there for their New Year’s resolution. But, maybe this is the year we all stick to it.

Lots of these members are also members of Letcher County Senior Citizens. Because they meet at the rec center it makes it so easy for them to use the exercise equipment and walking track. Some of these senior citizens have no one else to socialize with all day long. They check on each other when one has not been there for awhile.

It was really good to see Wilma Ritchie back again Monday morning. She loves playing Rook and loves to bid 125. I love hearing her say, “Thank you my partner, my partner!” One of the members, Juanita Banks, hasn’t been doing very well and we really do miss her. She was also a Rook regular.

Kelly Bailey, Freedis Bailey, Maura Hartman holding Violet Bailey, Donald Bailey, Philip Bailey

Kelly Bailey, Freedis Bailey, Maura Hartman holding Violet Bailey, Donald Bailey, Philip Bailey

Another one, Harold Day, has had a four-wheeler accident and as of Monday was in ICU at Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital. His family has requested on Facebook for everyone to be in serious prayer for him. I talked with his niece Monday and she said he was still on a vent, but it had been cut back to 45 percent and they are going to try to wean him off and wake him up Tuesday if the CT comes back good and if not the chest tube will have to be put back in.

Senior citizens birthdays for the month of January are Roger Miles, Jan. 1; Lloyd Mullins, Jan. 2; Lizzie Mae Wright, Jan. 4; Barbara Culp, Jan 6; Stanley Sexton,

Jan 6; James Adams, Jan.12; Bessie Adams, Jan. 15; Linda Sturgill Jan. 25; and James Hall, Jan 26.

Then, on Facebook everyone was wishing Gyrt Cook a happy birthday. She turned 86 and her family had her a surprise birthday party. Also, on Facebook last week there were pictures of Imogene Sexton’s birthday get-together with her family. I posted a picture of her with all her children last week, but I forgot to tell you about her 88th birthday. Also, my sisterin law, Lindy Mullins Yonts celebrated a birthday last week and I won’t tell how old she is.

Tim and Mary Sergent Bealer

Tim and Mary Sergent Bealer

And last but not least, my very first best friend, Velma Proffit Caldwell, that also grew up in Cane Hollow, had a birthday last week. We moved to Cane Hollow in January of 1962. So, I was almost 4 years old and Velma had just turned 4. We were so close and were together just about every day. The hills of Cane Hollow were our playground. We once had this grapevine that was on such a steep slope she would swing out and let go of the grapevine in the top of another tree. Kinda like Tarzan did. All of us would also swing on the grapevine, but no way did any of the rest of us have enough courage to let go of it and get off in that tree. She was amazing.

When Mom would ask me why I did something, I would say, “’Cause Velma Lee did it.” Then Mommy would say very loudly, “If Velma Lee jumped off a cliff would you jump off a cliff too?”

Coy Morton, Clyde Hatton and Charles Noble

Coy Morton, Clyde Hatton and Charles Noble

She also had straight dark brown hair and I envied it so much, because mine was so kinky curly. I still think a lot of those carefree days, playing in the creek, climbing trees, swinging from grapevines, playing in and around the underground mines, spending so much time up in the woods, and Friday nights after our daddies went to work our two families would get together and watch Elvis movies with as much popcorn and Kool- Aid as we could hold. Kids these days don’t know what they’re missing.

These conversations came from the Facebook page, “Growing Up in Marlowe Coal Camp” concerning the picture of Coy Morton, Clyde Hatton, and Charles Noble.

Clyde was Oma Hatton’s husband and Charles is Mommy’s brother-in-law.

Jo Ella Taylor Sturgill: Coy Morton-Clyde Hatton- Charles Noble

Shelsie Page: I would know Coy anywhere. He was mom and dad’s (Wid and Minnie Page) friend. He was a wonderful man. Love him and his wife.

Billy Hatton: Oh mercy! There’s my dad!. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I still see Charles Noble often at Dairy Queen here in Whitesburg.

Jo Ella Taylor Sturgill: Glad that made you happy, Billy.

Billy Hatton I’m shore they was talkin’ ‘bout dogs or hunting!

Billy Hatton: Well Jo Ella, you just made my day!

Jo Ella Taylor Sturgill: You’re making me smile, Billy.

Billy Hatton: That’s what I do.

Billy Hatton: I just printed it off for my album.

TimKim Lucas: Three great men.

Margaret Combs: Ahhh, I loved these guys. Coy sure could play that banjo. He taught my son how to play.

Astor Hatton: You caused my eyes to leak with this photo!!!

Debbie Stidham Mace: Thinking Coy Morton lived on Sandlick Gap ?

Earlene King Dixon Burton: Coy lived in the housing project when I first met him, Deb.

Billy Hatton: My lil’ dad, sittin’ on Coy Morton’s knee. Great pic here!

One of my very favorite aunts, Mary Sergent Bealer is in need of prayers. She is having lots of respiratory problems and has been in the hospital. She and her husband, Tim Bealer, live in Ohio. Her daughter, Regina Pennington Tucker, has requested that everyone remember her in your prayers.

Mom’s sister, Linda Pennington Hall, is also still in the Letcher Manor Nursing Home and is having major problems with circulation in her legs and feet due to diabetes.

Also, remember one of our Colson residents, Ann Thomas, in your prayers. She is in ICU at Pikeville and has had fluid removed. Her daughter, Brenda Thomas Richardson, is requesting on Facebook to please say a prayer for her.

Also remember to pray for all those who are grieving over lost loved ones. Remembering my pastor, Bill Jones, his wife Sandy and all their family always in your prayers.

And ending here once again with Oma Hatton’s plea, please go to church Sunday, and I add if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week, God wants you there then, too.

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