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Harry Sims back to normal routines

Big Cowan

I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day. My husband, James, and son Mike and Melinda took me to Norton to Prime Sizzler. I was stuff ed when we left.

Johnny and Ann Collier, Charles and Shirley Day, and Millard and Becky Bates were there also. I think everyone got their bellies full. It sure was good.

I was sorry to hear about Lillie Eldridge dying. My sympathy goes to his family. His son, Mike, sings with ‘Blessed Friends,’ and when he sings solo he sounds like the Old Regular Baptist singers. It sure is a blessing to hear him.

Also, our sympathy goes out to the Dixon family. Marty Dixon was killed in an auto accident. So many people are getting killed or just dying.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Bud Brown, and all the other families who have lost loved ones this past week.

back to normal
I received a letter from

Georgette Day Sims with an update on her husband, Harry. He is doing much better. He is able to do most of his normal routines. Thank the Lord for that. She also wanted to say hello to her cousins, including Bill and Agnes Maggard, Virginia and Burdine Gilley, Anna Lou Maggard Combs and Barbara Ann Maggard Boggs. She hopes to see Bill and Agnes at their WHS Class of 1958 reunion at General Butler State Park in June.

She had lunch with her friends, Ann Lewis Webber of Lexington, and Carol Hall Houggard of Yuma, Ariz. They enjoyed each other’s company, and I was glad to hear from her. Have a great week, Georgette.

My Uncle Ison called from Tennessee to see how everyone was. He saw Robert Dennis Sexton (formerly of Camp Branch) at church with his wife. I would like to say hello to them.

Robert’s Aunt Nova was married to my late Uncle Benton Fields. I have lots of relatives, and this time of year with Memorial Day coming up, I think of them a lot.

Bill and Agnes Maggard called from Indiana and said that their son, Archie Joe, was coming home to Alabama from Afghanistan. We pray that he has a safe journey home.

Keep all service men and women in your prayers. They fight hard to try to keep our country safe. So when you see one, stop and say, “Thank you for my freedom.”

Jessie Fay Fields Combs and her brother, Tommy, have been to Greenfield, Ind., this past week to see Tommy’s children, and his and Jessie Fay’s brother, Ronald, and their families. Tommy’s daughter, Tosh, was to have surgery on her back. We pray that all went well.

Rick and Stacie Dobson are back from Indiana after a few days’ visit. They still haven’t gotten into their home yet. It still needs some repairs from what I’ve been hearing.

The 40th annual Willie and Susan Fields reunion will be held at the Kingdom Come State Park, July 3. I hope to see everyone there if I am able to go.

May is almost over and June will be here soon. We will probably see lots of families in for Memorial Day. I hope everyone has a safe trip.

My granddaughter went back to Indiana to visit over the weekend. I will be glad to see her when she returns.

We had two new members to join church last Wednesday night. We’re glad to see God blessing the church with new people.

A late happy birthday wish to Bro. Charles Large in Virginia on May 13, and his wife, Pat will have a birthday on May 20.

May the Lord bless and keep them.

Well, Oma Hatton, it looks like we are called for jury duty again. I wonder if we will ever get to serve? Say hello to all your family.

Shelby Bockover in Greenburg, Ind., I haven’t heard from you in awhile. I thought about you the other day when someone mentioned half-runner green beans. I hope you will get some this year. Tell Tommy that Mike said, “hi.”

I have had a mess of poke salad and some rhubarb dumplings, and, boy, were they good. I would like to have some green onions and lettuce wilted together. It makes my mouth water. My granddaughter still hasn’t adjusted to country cooking yet. She is still cityfi ed. She will learn to like it soon, and want more.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy week. Until next time, pray for someone, attend the church of your choice and remember God loves you, and He gives us choices to serve Him or not.

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