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Harvest firms for profit

To the Editor:

Harvest is something we relate to as getting in the crops, reaping benefits from care and hard labor in the fields. But did you ever hear of ‘harvest’ in regards to companies and firms? Does that send a Halloween chill through you? Well, Mother Jones Magazine has released a 1985 video where Romney explained the Bain plan to invest in firms, wait five to eight years to ‘harvest’ firms at a significant profit. The resources of the companies would be stripped, huge loans taken out, workers laid off, and that type of thing, all the while Romney and the top CEOs were paid enormous sums of money. This is the total opposite of building growing businesses.

Some of the companies were sold to China. Romney is also recorded talking about the Globe Company in China where many small electrical appliances are made. He describes the workers working long hours, making $2 for a 10-hour work day, thousands of workers living in tight quarters with 12 to a bathroom. He invested in that company. Not a word about improving the workers’ living conditions or wages.

Romney is willing to reap all but a few grains — small change — of what a man can make in a day. A resounding defeat at the polls for the reaper, supporters would be just.

Clintwood, Va.

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