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Harvey children mark birthdays

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. I hope all had a great week.

I hope everyone is enjoying this rain. We sure needed it.

Indiana is really glad to be getting some rain after 17 days straight of 90 degrees or higher. They finally hit 89 degrees and are getting rain, praise the Lord!

Kenny and Sue Harvey’s grandchildren had birthdays recently. Kenlee Harvey turned 7 on June 30, and Peyton Harvey turned 13 on July 4. Happy birthday to them and your Mamaw and Papaw are proud of you.

Sue Harvey’s brother, Johnny Redford had a birthday July 8, and lives in Fostoria, Oh. He also has another sister, Dorothy (Fred) Frazier of Cowan. A late happy birthday to him.

Haller Adams has been in the hospital. He is home and doing better. He is a brother to Sue Harvey.

Frank Sturgill, Bobbie Bowan and her husband, and Archie Ray Fields, Doug and Dana Sturgill, Irene and Eugene Day, Morris and Della Maggard, Hazel Rayburn, Lucille Collins, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Agnes and Bill Maggard, and Mary Ann Maggard all need our prayer. Some of them are in or have been in the hospital.

Tommy Day, the youngest son of the late John L. and Violet Day, passed away in Nashville, Ind., on July 4. I sure hated to hear that. Our sympathy goes out to the family. Tommy was a good old boy and was good about visiting people and coming to Kentucky for funerals. He will be sadly missed.

Billy Maggard died. He had cancer. He was the last living brother of Morris Maggard, and Morris is having a rough time. Keep the family in prayer.

My dear mother-in-law, Mandy (McInteer) Chandler, died on July 18, 1982. She is still missed by all of her family.

Francis Martin Day has a birthday July 20. I think he will be 58. Happy birthday, cousin, and enjoy your day, and thanks for all the mowing you do for us. We love and appreciate you. Have Jenny and Paige take you out for a good dinner.

Also, Deidra Gibson shares the same birthday as Francis. Happy birthday.

Irene and Eugene Day have a wedding anniversary July 22. They will be married 62 or 63 years, I’m not sure which. Happy anniversary to both of you, and we love you both very much.

Deidra and Sammi Gibson will be married three years on July 22. Happy anniversary to them.

Benny McIntosh died five years ago on July 22. He is missed very much by his daughter Emily and the rest of his family. ‘Gone but not forgotten.’

James and I went to visit Dorothy Jean and Glen Miles and had coffee with them. We enjoyed the visit and they make a person feel so welcome. I left with one of their beautiful gourds that she had painted, and it looks nice on my front porch. I really appreciate both of you, and love you both. Thanks again.

James has to go to Veterans Center in Tennessee again July 19 for some more tests — nothing major. Just keep us in prayer while we’re on the road.

Our neighbors, Monica and Paul McIntosh, have been remodeling their house. It is looking good and that’s the best I have seen that old place in years. They live in the old Marion Day Store that also had a house on the side that was lived in by the Ted and Jewell Crase family when I was younger.

Later, M.P. Day’s family lived in it, then Dock Frazier, and then the McIntoshes.

It sure looks good, and that pool is so inviting. I love the deck around it. It looks like a brand new home.

Jenny and Francis Day have new neighbors. I haven’t met them yet, but welcome to the neighborhood.

I love to see places occupied. There’s nothing worse than to see houses that are not lived in falling down. With so many people needing places to live, they should just let someone move in them and pay utilities and do the upkeep on them. I would rather give it to someone or just let them live in it if I was going to let it sit there and run down.

I am always looking for a better place for my son to live in, and you can’t find anything cheap enough to rent or buy. I see plenty of places empty but not available .

Well, enough on the soapbox. I’ve got to be going.

I hope all have a wonderful week. May God bless you until next time.

It looks like the paving crew will be this way this week. The roads really need it, and thanks to the highway department for their hard work, and keep all the miners in prayer.

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